The VA and Vets

We have watched the most disrespectful and arrogant president our country has ever seen walk on and demoralize our fighting men. He doesn't even have the common decency to salute the military personnal on his flight detail. He gives money to illegals for health care and leaves the men who actually served their country to … Continue reading The VA and Vets

Planned Parenthood

The Idea of religion steering our nation’s laws is horrible and I think we need to get back to a much stricter mean of separation of church and state. Just because a politician has a religion doesn't mean he has the right or legal ability to pass those religious guidelines on his constituents. This topic … Continue reading Planned Parenthood

No Free Money

I don't think politicians or any democratic voter under the age of 30 understands the term free. They continue to think that money just gets printed and is limitless. Well here comes the truth bus. You don't deserve another person’s hard-earned money. If you want nice things to work for them and save your money, … Continue reading No Free Money

Teaching the Youth

The youth can only be the future if they're smart and well taught enough to not just repeat the past. History isn't a negotiable topic. It is a guide into which if studied we can learn from the brilliant minds before us and avoid the errors and hard lessons. However, egotistical and irrational people think … Continue reading Teaching the Youth

Career Politicians

The current political system is nothing but a shadow of what was envisioned. The Idea of foreign money swaying the opinion of our leaders is TREASON. You are no longer acting in the best interest of the country but for yourself and your pocket-book. This is now a common practice and how these career politicians … Continue reading Career Politicians

Building the Wall

The America of the past is gone in many respects replaced by soft hearts and political correctness. Instead of looking at the big picture and doing what needs to be done to make that big picture as beautiful as possible. The short shortsightedness and “easy way” nature of our leadership has created an environment where … Continue reading Building the Wall

And so it Begins……

Between the Lines on the Minds          As I read the Papers, blogs, and listened to my friends I've come to realize the dividing nature of the news and politics we are currently living. Seeing the problem and wanting to find a solution, not a victory or win. "An important personal revolution" I realized most … Continue reading And so it Begins……