One year a vegetarian and a few months after.

If you’ve read my earlier work you know I had my Gall Bladder went bad and I was able to adjust my life to the point I was able to keep my organ and feel better. However, I felt I could feel and be healthier, so I committed to one year with no meat to see if it made and big chances in my health or body.

I admit even though I tried to eat health and stay the course I realized I was still just eating meat at a bad ratio. It was habit. I know the only way to make real change in life is to make big changes so I did. Learning to be a happy and full vegetarian took me a solid 2 months of retraining myself what I like from places and to not want a piece of chicken or brat (I live in Wisconsin) before I felt comfortable. After that settling in period I was waking up easier in the mornings and feeling really good. Around month 4 I made my only concession. I was sick and feeling like death so I was made a bone broth vegetable soup which was my girlfriends push and I think she might have been right as I started feeling better after. Months 4-8 were surprising easy and really enjoyable as I was eating a lot of meals I’d never previously tried and was feeling really healthy. Around month 9 I started having random dreams with me eating meat and really enjoying it like finger licking hot sauce type stuff. Woke up the first time in a panic thinking I had just eaten a cheeseburger. After a few weeks those subsided, but I figured it was my body’s way of letting me know it would like some meat back in my diet. I held out and April 1st 2020 it had been just a few days past a year and I was ready to try reintroducing a few small bites back into my diet. I really had very little issue eating meat again, but I did it a bite at a time and over a few months before I tried eating a cheeseburger or anything big. A few upset stomach which were expected, but not as bad as I figured it was going to be.

Starting out I weighed around 190 and am 5’9. I dropped a fast 10-13 pounds getting into the mid 170’s and looked better and got overly confident vegetarians wouldn’t get fat. I steadily gained weight back on over the next few months basically carb loading as those were my fillers in a lot of meals. I felt good though and didn’t really care as losing weight wasn’t really that big a goal. However, by the end I was up to 200 and had to reinstate a pretty strict diet to get back from the carb fatties. I am currently back into the high 170’s and feeling really health and happy with my new eating style.

Its now been 5 months since I ended my experiment and I still don’t eat a lot of meat at any sitting and I think the thing I learned the most was how to properly ratio meat in my daily life and It was an amazing test of will power and self control, which I think all people need time and again throughout life just to remind yourself you are the one steering the ship.

P.S. I use the word diet in here, but I hate that word as it implies short term. If you want to be health its a lifestyle not a diet plan.

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