My thought on the upcoming 4 years.

I have come to look at the Democratic party as the party of the global elites or the Global Cabal for a better mental picture. They represent the faction who are actively seeking death and destruction while saying pretty socialist things. This is the group who will restart the middle east wars and strip away our rights at an unbelievable rate. We will see unprecedented 2nd amendment violations and the Muslim religion pushed upon us under the guise of unity. We will see illegal immigration spike and with that a rise in diseases we previously had under control. We will see gas prices surge from today at $1.94 to closer to the $4 mark or higher, manipulated thru wars and bad trade deals. We will see the disappearance of all talk about Gislaine Maxwell and the globalist pedophilia problem. We will see Hollywood find a loud and annoying voice once again. We will see China take a dominate position in the world stage as they own most of the higher ups in the Democratic party and Russian hoax story will fall silent as it was the Democrats who are really in bed with them. That can be shown by Killary Clinton selling the about 1/3 of our countries plutonium to them as Sec of State, then getting around $147 million donated to the Clinton charity. Oh yeah and the media all of a sudden love the government. As all the channels are really owned by only 6 corporation and are only really used for propaganda nowadays and real news is basically frowned upon. Along with this an uptick of Terrorism on American and European soil.

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