What Makes You Happy?

More of a social question here.

I have found as I age the things that make me smile and feel good have changed.  This is to be expected, but trying to understand the line or difference of being happy in the moment vs. being a happy fulfilled person is more the goal.

I watch the world around me almost more than I try to interact with it. In my opinion to watch and study those around you is the best way to understand one’s own self. Almost all people are fighting similar battles in life. People you want to be more like, those people you have to learn from. How do they think and interact with their world?

My happiness now is achieved thru self-growth (learning) and seeing my child grow. sounds cheesy, but It took a lot of time to figure that out. Going out and drinking with friends which used to be very enjoyable really sounds like a great waste of time. Still great now and again, but rarely.  

Watching people who shop regularly and who place a high value on objects tend to have a great social face but a sad unfulfilled person life. Now I try my hardest not to overly group people because there are exceptions almost every rule.

Have you just sat down lately and tried to just find your happy?

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