Hallucinogens and Healing

My introduction to Hallucinogens happened when I was somewhere around 16-17 and it was Mushrooms. Although I was young I definitely recognized they were way more than just a party drug and I needed to show them a different type of respect, but I didn’t use them as a healing tool for years to come just kinda of a fun way to blow off a weekend with friends. That turned into a crazy night of self exploration and finding a small corner of peace within myself. Which changed my world. I owe Hallucinogens and the deaths a few friends to getting me clean and on a path that didn’t just end one way, badly. I was in a dark place and didn’t have a way of getting free myself. Lost

LSD was the next turning point of self exploration and finding a version of me I liked. I found some version of me with less ego or need for outside praise. Most problems we face come from within us and we project them on those around us. From being angry to being depressed these are internal problems that almost always have to do with your ego or need for attention. You will never be able to find happiness or peace from anything but yourself and through growth. There is no pharmaceutical that heals they just numb and cover up creating bigger problems later. Growing past your problems can’t be done till you recognize what parts of you need to go or be nurtured. Hallucinogens can allow you to look at yourself in a light that a sober mind just can’t, you without the worlds bullshit beating you down. You as just a entity that only wants the best for you and those around you. Once you understand the goal is to improve ones self you can allow the trip to show you your flaws and know its just trying to let you see yourself from a new perspective. Even if the view isn’t flattering it can be appreciated and improved upon. Hallucinogens can make letting go of the bad version of you much easier and save thousands in therapy. Happy travels

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