Community work for prison and jail inmates.

Our current and broken prison for profit system has turned into little more than a financial black hole which we spend more per person who has taken away from society than we do per student in elementary school. The people who really needs to be invested in.

We as a society deserve to get our moneys worth for these bad investments. chain gangs and forced community service should be mandatory. If a person can’t pay a ticket fine I understand feeding your family or drinking your booze is more important to you then paying recompense for your actions. So your Sundays or day off is now to be used by the community in which you took away from. We don’t need more people locked up over money that’s a dark and downward spiral that a person can almost never fight their way out of. Time however is free to use and your hands can pay the debt your dumbass amassed.

3 thoughts on “Community work for prison and jail inmates.

    1. I have to expound on my comment because that’s just not enough. I like the point you make about how much we spend on the prison system, especially per person compared to education. I will say that those who serve prison sentences are also responsible to pay for the days spent in jail and can end up buried in debt while trying to rebuild their life.

      I wonder if prison labor gives too much incentive to keep people in prison longer, taking advantage of the cheap labor? How does this affect our own employment rates and replace people who would otherwise want to do that work as paid laobr.

      I like the idea of working off a fine rather than simply racking up debt. Community service is actually a great way to get to know more people in your community and see where you fit and why it might be a good idea to treat fellow citizens better. I’ve had people close to me sentenced to community service rather than serving time in jail.

      I feel like these ideas absolutely apply to charges of a non-violent nature where we’re just trying to keep people from becoming repeat offenders. But I wonder about situations where the person could cause serious harm to another? I don’t now if prison is the only option, but sometimes society steps in to protect the innocent against a particularly violent person.

      Still thinking on this one…


  1. Thanks for the replay and yes non- violent crimes some people earn their seat in the prison system, but right now only the rich are profiting off the criminal while they owe society for there transgressions. Prison or jail should be for those who refuse to show up and help the areas which they are hurting. Nobodys ever come out of a jail or prison system rehabilitated or better off. That can only come from within and wanting to be better for ones self. Atleast cleaning a road or working with a group of people like you shows you can accomplish something and your not the only one struggling though lifes decisions.


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