Thorium for Iran “A real nuclear energy deal”

Why we as a species aren’t using Thorium for energy blows my mind. Its almost a zero risk of meltdown nuclear power supply and its waste can’t or is much harder to make into bombs. Oh yeah there is like 4x more of it on earth than plutonium which we are using now.

Iran has stated many times they just want a nuclear reactor only for energy for its people not bombs for its politicians. This seems like a great way to both help their people and for America to help them start some form of relation outside of religious extremes and war.

They clearly can’t be trusted with nukes and should be dealt with swiftly and severely for tying to create one. They might have some amazing citizens and loving people in Iran but its leadership is not that.

Offer to give Iran a non dangerous reactor see what they have to say then, then their true motives will be reveled.

2 thoughts on “Thorium for Iran “A real nuclear energy deal”

  1. yo.

    nicely formed arguments- HOWEVER :

    you Seriously need to spell check each sentence!

    I picked out 5+ conjugation errors in your composition ( out of order syntax )
    and it turned me off from reading.


    an article using the term “Melting pot” without a dash ( as in “Melting-Pot”)
    right after talking about “Marijuana” ( more apropriate is “Cannabis” )
    at least confused me as to what you were referring to…

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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    1. I appreciate the time you took to read the ideas I’ve put forth. I also understand I have horrible writing skills and am working to improve them every day. I hope they at least got you thinking or smiling. thank you for the input hope you visit again as the blog grows.


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