Stop saying Protein call it what it is.

As the trend in the mainstream continues with saying protein. we should take a minute and realize why this is happening. The FDA has approved for Human consumption lab-grown meat product and pink slime substances. People don’t want lab-grown meat, but tell them its a protein, they’ve been hearing that term for a few years and it slides past without question.

The other side of the trend is we are taking away the last of the little respect we give to the animals we kill and eat by the millions by not calling them by their name. We should be going the other direction say this cow or chicken came from this source and was raised, fed, and harvested professional and humanly.

This trend is a ploy to make people feel cool with a new term while hurting the next generation.

5 thoughts on “Stop saying Protein call it what it is.

  1. But people need to eat and they don’t need meat. They need certain amounts of nutrients. Many of the nutrients we’re just throwing away into feeding large cattle so rich people can have beef or cow or pig.

    Sure if I was wealthy people who can consider as blessed and ordained by God to be wealthy and fortunate might feel better about our lives if we called an animal meat and cow and pig instead of Pro Tien, but the other 80% of the human beings on the planet by which we get to live in our luxurious state of deciding what we’re going to call various types of nutrient categories, are not going to continue living regardless of what we call it.

    Maybe we should call it instead of meat call it “a vast waste of resources”.

    So when we plop that big juicy steak on our plate we could call it, instead of steak, we could call it “the muscle of a cow for which we are wasting tons of resources to get it to my plate” .

    It seems people always want to change the name of something that offends them. It can’t be “racism“ it Hass to be “ I don’t see color, I just see people”.

    It can’t be that we’re on the verge of killing our planet and our children for the sake of a few greedy people, it Hass to be that God has blessed me to be wealthy and fortunate and, of course God would not let us destroy our planet or humanity because don’t you know I’m so blessed to live in my million dollar home and get steaks delivered that are all grass fed. Never mind that we could use all that land to grow food that would be nutritious for the whole planet, instead of growing food to satisfy and satiate the God ordained people.

    Just a thought. 🤣


    1. Never said they needed meat just, said they don’t need lab-grown meat-like substances. If the government is going to feed the population something the people should know what it is and where it came from.
      I think your a little caught up on the rich I mean most of the meat consumed is at fast food and garbage restaurants eaten by middle to lower class families. Rich people do tend to eat healthier and pass that trait to their children which leads to a better quality of life and such, but that’s cultural not really pertinent to my original topic.

      I’m not sure how Religion has anything to do with this topic. Rich atheists eat as much as rich Christians or Muslims or any other division you choose to focus on.

      I also Agree we are on the verge or have already begone the 5 or 6th great extinction event. Insects are dying faster than we can count it’s extremely disheartening and scary. Big business is a big part of the problem especially chemical companies, but so are citizens not growing gardens or trying even a little bit to be self sufficient. Just to blame God and rich people is nieve and silly. It’s a cultural problem at a minimum.

      My main goal of this post was to let people know why the term is changing around them.

      Thank you for your input.


      1. I’m just being devils advocate. We have a rich country. I
        But I do believe the scientists who say that if we are going to be able to feed the population of the future we’re going to have to come up with new ways for food. Personally, the thought of eating crickets or cockroaches or bugs discussed me and I don’t think I could do it. But many people all over the world and throughout history of eating bugs.

        And personally I like that fake meat patty stuff they call c’orn. Or whatever it’s called: it’s remarkably like a hamburger and it’s kind of crazy.

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        1. I eat veggie buffalo chx patties almost daily their great with some fixins. I cut most red meat out of my diet when my Gall Blader went bad, and I changed my lifestyle to fix it. I have no problem eating weird things as long as I know what I’m being feed. I mean McDonald’s is using meal worms as a burger filler already I’m pretty sure.
          As far as history and experimenting goes its been horrible for society at points and great at others. Time is the only real judge. People in Rome didn’t know they were poisoning themselves with lead everything.

          The science we are playing with now we have no idea what it’s doing to us or our DNA 5-10 generations down the road. Its terrifing how ok society is with

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  2. … and I was just thinking about how they’re making or building food now from a molecule up: yeah I think we should be able to know what we are eating. But at the same time if you look at like the history of mankind, people of always been trying all sorts of stuff to eat, whether or not we it was man-made or something like that I don’t think really matters. It’s just now we have an ability to have man-made food. But I think people throughout time I’ve been trying all sorts of weird stuff and getting poisoned and dying and living and figuring out what is good to eat and that’s how we figured out what is good to eat.

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