Marijuana the addictive lifestyle?

  As a lifetime smoker, my thoughts on marijuana have changed many times since I took my first deep breath. Originally I smoked just as a way to rebel and feel good/cool. This mentality I think is pretty common among the youth. It turned into a way for me to relax and be social without sports or school.

The biggest downside to Marijuana is the legal aspect of getting caught with it, but that’s changing thanks to the big energy in the sky or whatever you believe in.

Now Big Pharma and our government want to categorize drug use and abuse as a DISEASE. So they can prescribe you more drugs and insurance money. Its just simply not true now are some people more inclined to some behaviors may be, but being raised in an environment has as much to do with it as genetics and probably way more as most behavior is learned by mimicry. Telling people they have a disease just gives them a crutch and excuse for their actions instead of taking responsibility for their actions which is the only real way with the desire to be clean to get on with a productive positive life.

I’m not saying Marijuana is harmless especially for the younger people. It can be over used like anything else and be an escape from reality, but no more than alcohol, video games, or Facebook. It is way better than say Xanax which in one form or another a good portion of our society are on to the point of abuse, but since it is being prescribed it’s perfectly safe…lol All drugs prescribed or not have the ability to steal your drive and potential. Moderation and goals will take you way further than anything a doctor can give you. Self-restraint and delayed gratification are the ways to freedom and self-growth where addictive traits become easier to overcome or grow beyond.

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