Cryptocurrencies the Future?

I came across cryptocurrency about a year or so ago when Bitcoin hit $20K. It just blew my mind the idea of government free money. I tend to find a subject that interests me and get a bit obsessive about it. This was no exception.

Even after months of reading, YouTube videos, and throwing some of my money in the market, I am just scratching the surface. This idea is still just in its infancy and I believe will grow to fundamentally change the way we see money and what money really is. Much like the shift from the barter system to fiat. We are going to go from fiat to crypto. It’s just a natural progression as our societies become much more electronic and our governments become less and less trustworthy.

I enjoy watching the people of the crypt space almost as much as the idea itself. The general cryptocurrency person is upbeat hopeful for change and creatively minded who really just wants to show people there is a better way.

If we the people decide it to be, we can change the world interacts and take control over our “money”. The Federal reserve and ignorant short term thinking politicians have taking what was once a great financial system based on a real values such as gold and silver. They have defied the constitution and common sense to make our money now based on a system that can be controlled by outside influences and has no real value other than a lot of people use it.

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