One of the greatest youtube video I’ve seen.

If you don’t know Jordan Peterson its time.

4 thoughts on “One of the greatest youtube video I’ve seen.

  1. It is a fantastic video, and Dr.Peterson speaks common sense (apparently not so common nowadays). His books is an excellent read 12 Rules for Life, and his lectures I found quite interesting to say the least.

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    1. As much I enjoy the Common sense ideas. I enjoy seeing a real debate happening even more. I think honest debate will lead to a better understanding of all sides which communities need to start coming together if that’s possible.


      1. Completely agree with you! Sad thing is that certain people cant do debate or discussion, and result to name-calling. Like Dr.Peterson any idea challenged, means that you as an individual are labelled, with most of the times not being given the chance to express your full opinion, which might be as far from that label as it can be.

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