FDA and FTC Americans real health Enemy!

I have always been curious why more natural health “Cures” or fixes weren’t talked about or well known. The more I studied, The more I started peeling back the layers of bureaucracy.  It was almost hard to believe how corrupt and blatantly in the pockets of big corporations these agencies are. I mean in 1992 without congress approval government employees started getting paid from corporations! The judge who rules the cases for the FTC his “courtroom” is in the FTC building and has something like a 95% judgment ruling towards the FTC. No government agency is right 95% of the time. Shit, I’d be happy with 30% from most of them. They are using their power to protect and ensure corporate financial statements at the cost of Americans health and pocketbooks. Most of these agencies higher ups literally spent their government careers protecting corporations so when they leave office and go to the private world, they have kush jobs waiting with huge salaries.  Basically delayed payoffs and bribes! It’s so rampant and obvious they really don’t even deny it. It’s just written off as the way it is these people are smart and have earned these positions look how shiny their suits are…lol. The FDA says a substance is harmful and illegal then just a short time later a major pharmaceutical company releases the chemical equivalent and its past as medicine like synthetic weed or Ephedrine literally the exact chemical thing just man made so not as clean or health, but worth billions to corporations. These agencies are super sick and need a purging both of personnel and priorities!

The food pyramid was written by the Dept. Of agriculture to get people to eat what they sold. It’s not based on health or science! The FDA wants you sick so they can profit and be important!

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