Random thought #2

Can a self-driving car which is becoming reality (taxi’s) be aware of danger for you and take you out of an immediate area such as a building on fire or an active shooter senario. I mean plan for worst and hope for best here. We are either always going to need a steering wheel or trust our cars to avoid a dangerous person or situation.

5 thoughts on “Random thought #2

  1. Self driving cars. Hmmm. Not sure I would like that. I like driving my Mustang GT too much to get rid of it to have my car drive. Don’t think I would trust that car either. Especially after hearing of all the troubles with them that has dotted the news.


    1. We are seeing the start of an inevitable trend away from human control in the name of ease and safety. The problem with the start is problems have to happen so they can be fixed. I just hope the ideas to support and make safe the technology come as fast as the technology itself.
      Side note I never think its good to give up control in any area of life for the simple idea of safety, that idea is destroying America.


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