Stop Thinking They Think Like You.

America even at its worst is so much better than most of the world even our poor people are fat. That fact has made Americans soft and stupid when it comes to dealing with our enemies and those that wish to do us harm. We have started thinking that other parts of the world live like we do and think like we do, which is pure ignorance. The people and religion we are fighting today have a crazy sense of morals nothing like ours. Like our current police system they are instructed and rewarded for lying to get ahead and “win”. The Koran starts off as a peaceful and rather simple book much like the Bible with many of the same stories. The difference is that after Mohammad was run out of Mecca and cast out to Medina all the good, loving, and peaceful writing changed and it became a militant and hate filled religion. Simple because the person writing them was an angry MAN like most religions. The Koran states because it is full of contradiction like the bible that the last word is written is the one to be followed. Thus the part of the Koran the extremist are following is the proper Muslim religion and the reason we need to get rid of or minimize the religion from within our borders like the smart European countries are already doing. You can tell which ones by pulling up a chart of terror attacks in Europe. The areas with zero attacks have no immigrants from the middle east. Furthermore, we Americans have no idea what a thousand year war is we’ve only been around a few hundred years so how can we expect our short-term logic to change their long-term Hate.

7 thoughts on “Stop Thinking They Think Like You.

  1. Well, I can agree that much of America has a “let them eat cake” mentality, which is detrimental to us for all the same reasons it was to Marie Antionette. That said, I have seen how people live in several other countries and continents, and we truly don’t think all that differently from every other human on the planet. We still have to solve food, water, clothing, shelter, economic, and social problems just like everybody else. Religion is a solution, though not always a good one, for social problems, and every one of them has elements of wrath and destruction. Most have elements of peace and mercy also, and those peaceful, merciful teachings are given by someone else long after the original. If one separates Judaism from Christianity, parallels can be drawn between Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam and Sufism, and others. In the end, Hate never defeats Hate. It’s only in setting boundaries and acting out of positive regard and respect for other humans that hate can be defeated. We try to do this in the US, which is a worthy effort, even though we do not always succeed.

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    1. I’d agree we as humans all have the same basic needs. It’s more about what we are doing as a species once we’ve met those needs and now have vast amounts of free time our previous generations could only dream of having. Religion is just about good for nothing other than creating tribalism and hate over the long run. This has played itself out time and time again throughout history which is why religion has more blood on its hands and always will than any other theology or social construct with the exception of maybe a nuclear holocaust. Not saying they don’t have some great teaching, but they will never out weight the cons. Spiritualism I’m a supporter of with it looking something like there being one great energy we come from and go to that we all strive to improve at an individual level. Something all-inclusive that puts the responsibility on the individual, not the group. We as a society will fail if we stay based on religious ideology. Hate can never be defeated it’s as human as breathing what we can do is set up people to succeed by getting rid of the social constructs like religion that divide us.

      As far as Marie Antionette goes, she was just a typical socialist leader who spent her people’s money on vast opulence and she paid for it with her life as corrupt politician do from time to time. Among many problems I grant you.

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      1. The comparison between a Marie Antoinette and America as a whole is not so much about her or her ideology, as the lens she saw the world through. Americans think everyone else has the same options they do, and so did she. It was a disconnect so dramatic as to be laughable or enraging, thus colloquial wisdom has carried on the quote. So far as I know, there is no historical evidence that she really said it. I think the story goes that she heard the people were starving, and wanted bread, so she proposed letting them have it. The only problem was that cake was the only bread-like substance she had ever eaten. I tried to condense all this into that quote as a sort of shorthand, because I figure it encapsulates nicely your original post.

        I point this out now because you mention “vast amounts of free time” when the very idea of free time after solving basic problems where one is not asleep for 4 or 5 hours in the day is as foreign to most people living in the countries where any of your post applies as Marie Antionette’s cake was to the peasants demanding bread. Most of these people do not live the post-industrial lifestyle implied by the statement about free time. Those that do only have it if they control other people or see anything they could be doing as without possibility of success. They have very, very little by American standards, and they risk far more in violence, or work far harder than Americans do to get it. They are on a violent treadmill that includes economic instability, deadly violence, back breaking work, despair, consolidation of power, resistance, and revolution. Hardly a one of them have had a peaceful transfer of power in living memory. Their religion is all they have left, and the conditions continue to exist that foster hatred with or without it. Of course they will turn to the hate filled parts of it if they are already filled with hate, just as we decry it’s value, and theirs as human beings, because we truly have no idea what their lives are like and we are so sure our thoughts are better than theirs that we refuse to find out.

        My opinion is not based on what I perceive your value of religion to be. I am not defending their religion, or any other. I am saying the cause of society’s problems is not religion, nor the lack of one. The cause is in thinking that things are simple because one is not fully aware of the problems, and is unwilling to assume that problems have causes based on something like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Humans who are desperate are too busy trying to solve the problem in front of them to look deeply at its causes, especially if they are deliberately misled and the problem in front of them is one that bears on their immediate survival. Go live in the desert in a mud hut with three goats as the richest man in the village for a while. Visit any of the countries that make up three quarters of the world where you don’t flush toilet paper because it’s likely to plug the plumbing. Walk through the Bazaars or market places, down streets with open sewage, and look at the people with horrible teeth and atrocious hygiene. Visit the mass graves, the bombed sites, or the war memorials. Get to know one or two people who have been surviving in those places all their lives. Then look at the life you have now, with free time, and cheap goods made by the hands of desperate people, and see if it doesn’t piss you off that the world is so unjust. I respect that you have these opinions. I respect that you speak your mind. I do not think you have been exposed to the actual conditions you are commenting on though. I have, to some degree. Discussion is not going to change what I have seen with my own eyes, nor is it likely to change your entrenched stance in these things. Only experiencing different things will do that. Good talk!


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