No more protecting the Guilty

   I have crossed the legal line a few times in my life and I learn invaluable lessons through the punishment I incurred for my actions. So when I say criminals don’t break the law out of ignorance, but out of disregard for the law. I have a good handle on the subject. Why would the law ever give those people any support or rights? If a person breaks the law the person with whom the infringement was upon should have the right to whatever is needed to protect one’s self, family, and belongings. Criminals in the act essentially give up his right to protection or sympathy from his victim. Now I’m not saying retribution, but while in the act. If a criminal is injured, killed, or otherwise made unwhole while taking from others well that’s the risk he took and he has NO recourse. Actions have unforeseen consequences if you’re not willing to live with those, then don’t step in the ring. Beyond the Obvious, I think its time we recognize a good ass kicking as legitimate punishment when someone deserves it. If the drunk guy at the bar won’t leave you alone after respectfully asking him to do so and then continues to insults your women well he deserved a broken nose maybe he’ll keep his mouth shut next time. The cops should give you a handshake, not handcuffs. I know it’s a thin line but our judges are paid very well and should be held to a high standard, they are supposed to seek the truth and decided on a just outcome. Most things are on camera anymore The current system only seeks the truth when forced or much money is spent. Without getting too engrossed into this topic I think we need some serious investigation into our politicians from the president down they break laws with immunity and that shit needs to stop. The only way that happens is putting some corrupt people in prison, or a good old fashion hanging if we find a traitor to the country financial or otherwise. (Clintons)

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