How I fixed my Gallbladder instead of surgery.

  Very few pains in life can scare a person as much as your own insides hurting and you having no idea why or how to stop it. Either in the moment or from happening again.
Now I give modern trauma medicine all the credit in the world. If you get fucked up and need to be put back together the modern hospital is by far the best it’s ever been. We can do just about everything except reattach nerves. People are surviving horrific accidents that even 20 years ago they would have just tried to get a priest to you in time.
The flip side to that coin is we have turned out treatment system into a FARCE. The goal should be to heal and improve quality of life, not cover the body in band-aids and chasing symptoms while avoiding the cause. This scenario allows for long-term drug taking and a sharp decrease in quality of life. While making huge like TRILLION dollar profits for pharmaceutical companies!
Rant over

Being a stubborn ass I refused to go to a doctor unless I think, well this is a shitty way to go. So, not really that bad, but a hint of truth in the joke. I’ve had heartburn/acid reflux since I was younger 17ish. Always just eaten tums and dealt with it. Until a new far worse pain started.
I went to the urgent care after dealing with months of a progressively worsening and lengthening of the pain in my upper abdomen just beneath the solar plexus. They ran some tests said you’re an idiot for not coming sooner and you are now going to the hospital. Arriving in my room the doctor said your Gallbladder is bad and your consultation with the surgeon is next Monday it will be a quick and easy surgery.
He followed that by saying my body had almost no potassium in it and we are going to pump a few bags in you and have you stay overnight. Never addressing why I was using so much potassium. Instead, they just accused me of being an alcoholic, which is why most gull bladders go out. That’s what they told me. LIE!
Now I went to the consultation that Monday and listen to a surgeon. Open to stopping the pain, but not liking the idea of having my insides cut on. Even if it’s just a small scar, which he was very emphatic about. He was nice enough, but I told him I was going to try to fix it with food and lifestyle changes. He said good luck see ya in a few months ( Really). Never giving any advice even when asked about what lifestyle changes to adjust to began healing my insides instead of removing them.
After studying and using myself as a Guinea Pig I realized a few things. My body was super acidic and I need to balance myself out. I needed to reduce the amount of meat I was eating at least short term so my body could focus on healing itself at night not just digesting. Along with that, I stopped eating after 7pm and nothing after 8pm for sure. I didn’t have my first meal before noon if possible, but I made it till about 11:30 most days.

Started drinking a super greens mix, with beet powder, and half a lemon every morning for breakfast.

I started drinking an aloe drink called Lilly of the Desert every morning and evening and saw a huge improvement after a few days.

I wasn’t a huge drinker but for me to have a beer and a shot when I got home from work was pretty common. Really that’s all I drank though there were times in my life where I drank way too many years ago. That comes with living in Wisconsin.

I cut out overly grease food, fruit and vegetable skins, and super processed or refined foods. A.K.A fast food. I ate a lot of Subway (my give), salad bars, nuts, seeds, and in the very beginning rice with chicken broth.

It’s not hard to find ways to be healthier, it’s hard to maintain the discipline it takes to change a lifestyle.

This was a big adjustment for me and it took months of living very clean and a few days of fasting here and there to get to the point of feeling like me again.

This wasn’t an overnight process and I did have a few attacks in the beginning. They sucked and I’m sure did damage to my body, though less than cutting pieces out. I just told myself the body an amazing machine and can fix itself if given the proper nutrition and lifestyle. I was raised around a health food store and this seemed like a very basic concept.

Moral of the story don’t take doctors at their word. They are there to make a profit not to heal you. Even if he is the nicest guy in the world. Its the way they are trained! I’m not saying doctors are bad people just completely indoctrinated by big pharmaceutical training and never taught how to actually heal. Healing you isn’t the goal. Keeping you in the health care system is the goal. Companies don’t make Trillion dollar profits by being honest. They do it through manipulation and controlling the rules of the game. While suppressing or destroying all who get in the way of there.


Doctors have basically just become pimps for pharmaceutical companies!


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