Higher Education

    If you choose to go to college Great we need an educated populace. If you choose to go and take useless classes spending someone else’s money guess what you signed the line and knew what you were doing. Suck it up and pay your bills. Look at your parents, not your government it’s their fault. If you had been raised more intellegently you wouldn’t be in your predicament. Harsh, but true Parents stop being friends and start being PARENTS. How can we expect young adults to make good decisions? They Can’t, not their fault they just haven’t been around long enough to learn from mistakes. Now do I think College is overpriced YES. Do I believe there are lots of opportunity’s outside of the college forum YES. You don’t hear people talking about trade schools, but we need skilled labor. Without them, we lose jobs overseas and they pay better than most jobs college students hope to get even after a few raises. A college degree does say you stuck with it and completed an arduous journey nobody can take that away from you. A journey is supposed to lead somewhere though so if you’re just floating through maybe its time to step back save money and find where your journey is leading.


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