Being paid what you’re worth

This is a topic that’s going to piss some people off and again I really don’t care. Our country now like always provides more to those that are willing to reach out and grab it than those that just accept their lot in life without trying to improve one’s self. Simply put fast food isn’t a career and you don’t deserve a paycheck that is worth more than your work input into society. If you want a career or even a job that pays well go out and do something about it. The same person sitting in their living room bitching and smoking pot is the same person at the rally bitching about their wage. If that person got off the couch and decided to improve one’s life they could, but nobody is going to help you and honestly you deserve the help if you’re not even willing to try to get it. Furthermore, these people saying those jobs aren’t enough to raise a family well no shit those jobs aren’t designed to do that. These jobs are designed for high school students and the unmotivated. If you’re not in a position to pay for a family maybe you should use a condom and not blame society for your ignorance. It’s a shame the young have to deal with the consequences of their parents, but its simply a fact of life. If you want more out of life then go do something about it. If you work at McDonald and have a new smartphone and you go out all the time the problem isn’t the money you make it’s the money you spend. If you keep pushing your going to get replaced by a machine and then you’ll have what you deserve NOTHING.

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