Actions and Consequences The Youth

This issue is at the forefront of the American Social problem. I am a firm believer that in order for a lesson to be learned it must leave an impression. If it doesn’t then it is simply brushed aside as a road that can be traveled again without fear of consequence. Actions in any scenario are only changed or molded though uniform consequences and an understanding that if you choose to cross the line it will cost you more than an ear full. Words have almost no meaning if they aren’t backed up with an actionable threat. Something our politicians need to understand in the foreign relations world. Now I am not talking about beating your child I’m talking about leaving an impression. Does smacking your child on the butt convey an actionable threat yes, so the child must respect that consequence. Its supposed to hurt/be uncomfortable, that’s the point. Black and blue bruises aren’t necessary but if the belt leaves a mark, well so be it the kid probably deserved it and hopefully won’t continue down that road due to the consequences he learned from the previous attempt. Personal restraint is developed it isn’t instinct and thus must be taught and molded through trial and error learning in our youth. A good punishment doesn’t need to be done all the time it conveys a messenger or lesson and once learned that path isn’t chosen anymore. As much as we don’t like to think it we are just an animal and training one of us is very similar to training a dog in principal. Positive, not negative enforcement with a predictable and defined rule system. In every other species the parent or trainer punishes the young offender with the equivalent of a good swat on the ass, It’s called proper training. You can tell the parents who don’t believe this “The Friend” they have the loud annoying kids who have poor social skills making movie theaters, airplanes, and restaurants unpleasant.

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