Blockchain and voting?

Simple question for the crypto community. It’s my understanding that blockchain is an unhackable process that can be used in a lot of scenarios, but hasn’t really found a home as of yet.

Could blockchain be formatted to allow Americans to vote and know that their votes aren’t be tampered with or manipulated? I guess I’m envisioning something like your vote connects to a particular block in the chain and is counted by how long the chain becomes.

6 thoughts on “Blockchain and voting?

  1. I don’t see why it couldn’t be used. I want to say that the setup West Virginia used recently for overseas servicemen (and women) had some issues, but give it time. Blockchain will be everywhere.


    1. I really like the idea at the state level. At the Federal level no. because of the huge differences in population density it wouldn’t work. To keep a place like California in their place, we need some form of electoral college. Californian laws wouldn’t work in the midwest, but with so fewwer citizens they would be out voted. Creating many more problems. The idea of states voting that way is great and I think the people could create some very cool micro-societies that would attract like minded people. Thus creating more harmony. If you don’t like one states laws move to one who’s ideas more align with your own.

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