Antibiotics and Gallbladders?

One thing I figured out in my studies and self-testing after my Gallbladder went out is being on antibiotics is super bad for your insides and being on them destroys the gut. Which they are “Discovering” is amazingly important for how the body functions including brain function. My hypothesis on this is if antibiotic destroys your insides and your body can no longer use bacteria to break down food, then your body just dumps acid to break it down, which then causes a majority of the problems inside the body.
Moral of the store, if you’re ever put on Antibiotics, make sure they’re really needed and also get probiotics in your system as soon as possible to start undoing the damage the pill cause your insides.

P.S. sounds gross but there’s a study showing if you ingest health peoples poop in pill form your body will essentially harvest the bacteria from it and use it to replenish its own missing gut bacterias.

Bacteria aren’t the enemy!

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