Randon Thought

What if our DNA is just a complex computer system/code used by a superior species to hold data over long periods of time safely until their return? 97% of our DNA we don’t understand what if its an encyclopedia of information we just can’t read yet.

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      1. Probably both. Phenotypes (observed characteristics) in birds and others mammals have acute, observable genetic memory. Building bird nests, beaver dams, etc, these are things not taught but passed on. It has a lot of implications.

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  1. Richard Preston — author of the incredible book ‘The Hot Zone’ — wrote an incredible article “The Mountains of Pi’ about the race to chart Pi to as many numbers as possible. Using supercomputers the number pi has been calculated to billions of digits and still is random. Its a fascinating article, but the reason I mention it is the comment made by someone in the article that although pi seems random to us, it may have an order “to a higher intelligence.” Thought you’d find that interesting.
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      1. No problem. The Hot Zone was the reason I didn’t worry during when Ebola arrived here a few years ago — its a hard disease to miss. If you like fiction Preston’s brother is Douglas Preston of the Preston & Childs duo who writes the series featuring Agent Pendergast or the Relic and its sequels. Pendergast is probably the greatest detective since Holmes and the books are great.


  2. So not random. It is great to ask these questions. Recently read this book and explains scientifically the beginnings of all life. I didn’t think I could possibly give nature more credit or reverence, but it is truly everything there is and everything comes from everything including us. Humans, as someone once said, perhaps, evolved too much. Consciousness can be good and bad, it is all fascinating. The book I am referring to is by a religious naturalist Ursula Goodenough (great name) The Sacred Depths of Nature. DNA holds a lot of answers, some of which are quite simple and reassuring :O)

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    1. I’d agree our Mother Nature is flat out amazing and we are doing our damnedest to destroy it. If we just worked with nature and got ride of chemical “fix it” pills. We would be a much healthier people both physically and mentally. I’m looking forward to getting the book. Thank you


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