Losing Touch With Reality Putting Down The Electronics

When was the last time you had a good conversation with a stranger? When was the last time you really just enjoyed and lived in the moment? When were you last really disconnected or really connected depending on how you look at it. I try to stay pretty aware of how much time I spend looking at a screen whether that be a computer or cell phone. I admit like most though I spend way to much time out of the moment. Take a look at any older photo, and you see people being attentive to their current situation. Look at a photo now, and you see people on their phones or trying to record the moment instead of living it. If you just put your phone down and your head up you wouldn’t have to record if you could just remember it. This ADDICTION is having a huge impact on our youth and upcoming generations. The constant withdraw from social interactions, and emotional conflict is creating a generation of people who have very poor social skills and tend to be emotionally unstable. Again, we have to be taught how to act in public and in society, it isn’t instinct, and it isn’t learned from television. On the parents of my generation Ipads and constant data input has made raising children easier, because it keeps their attention fixed to a screen. That’s not healthy, and it doesn’t take away the need to actually teach your children how the world works and what is expected of him or her in it. Children are supposed to be annoying; it’s your job to train them to not be before unleashing them upon the world. Beyond that aspect, we also need to be aware of how much we allow ourselves to be bombarded with wi-fi and unseen energies. Turn off your router at night or run hard lines, Don’t sleep with your phone next to your head, don’t leave your phone against your skin in your pocket all day, and Don’t be scared to turn off your electronics and enjoy a book or walk in the woods. Stand barefoot in the grass next time you get a chance I bet you can’t remember how good that feels.

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