Minnesota outbreak not a Anti-Vaxx problem

Again the media spin is directly supporting Big Pharmaceutical by trying to scare people in Vaccinating thru lies and misdirection. This outbreak of over 40 individuals and the media blaming unvaccinated children, however, what they aren’t saying is it came from a group of Somalia Immigrant “refugees”. When our Government brought these people into our country they didn’t properly test them because the refugees said it was against their religious beliefs. Our weak government bowed to their idiocy and allowed them in with just a precursory inspection. Now if I’m sick and this will block my entrance into a place I want to go I am damn sure going to lie and deal with the consequence later. (Once I’m in the country) We are seeing the consequence and those are sick Americans. Those Americans weren’t infected by unvaccinated children, they were infected by refugees whom our government decided were more important than its citizens. If you look at a map of outbreaks and locations of refugees and illegal immigrants well the correlation is very obvious.

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