The Environment

Mother earth is one of my personal hot topics. I was raised in the woods and taught at a young age to respect nature and leave things better that I found them. Our country does have some of the most beautiful land on planet earth and our government did have the fore thought to set swaths aside so future generations get to enjoy them as we always have, however that’s not enough. Our earlier generations had vast amounts of natural resources to plunder and enjoy for propensities sake. Those times are quickly coming to an end in one sense, and another much more earth-friendly one is upon us. We have as a nation and world hurt the lands and waters in some places beyond repair, but earth is an amazing eco-system if we nurture her just a little we can restore some balance. We have technology now our earlier generations literally couldn’t have imagined, so why are we still using essentially the same process to create energy and to power our cities? Furthermore, those people who use such process are being hassled by local and federal officials for not using their monopoly of outdated power. While other progressive nations are either giving tax insensitive or flat our paying the citizens to not use the grid. We don’t have the right to tell other nations how to use their resources, but we do have the knowledge and technology to lead the way into a better future. Sadly up to this point we have chosen against it. We don’t need GMO salmon, we don’t need to fix cow farts (Yes, the government spent money to reduce cow farts) we don’t need poison infused crops. We do need a healthier more productive ocean, we do need to reduce Co2 emission, and we do need a more nature-based food culture. We as a People of the earth and not just as people on the planet have to realize this path we’re on isn’t sustainable. As a nice side effect if we leave an oil based society we take the bite out of the middle east which is our goal anyways. Sorry I’m wondering I could easily write for pages here, but will withhold for future writings.

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