Terrorism is political. If we really wanted it gone it would be easy and it would be swift. The biggest change in our country since the terror epidemic hasn’t been our recognizing and attacking our enemies, but the laws passed to restrict and spy on the American people. It’s pretty much a wholesale attack on our constitution. We aren’t the ones killing us. Unless you’re talking about Chicago or Detroit which are the shining examples and what happens when Democrats have control of a city. The simple fact is that WE THE PEOPLE need the government, but we don’t need them babysitting. Fight our enemies Fight those who do us harm and stay out of our way.
The most blatant and obvious abuser in my eyes would be Saudi Arabia, however, that’s homework you can do yourselves, it’s scary how many politicians and corporations they’ve put in their pockets. Our current leadership bows to the Saudis that says enough and it makes me physical turn red with anger watching the supposed leader of the free world bow to a leader and princess that run a country that won’t allow women basic human right and who simply executes gays or lesbians with public executions. Funny how nobody wants to talk about that or the fact the Saudis are the leading exporter of terrorist and world leader in terrorist funding. Our politicians have turned a blind eye for profit plain and simple. They deserve punishment as any other citizen would be punished for helping a terrorist state.

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