Term Limits

I firmly believe if more of the voting population really paid attention this is one of those topics that would change quickly. One of many sadly, nobody or at least very few politicians get into the game thinking they’d be corrupted or bought off. It isn’t a fast process and it isn’t someone just walking up once it’s a relationship built over years, favors, and dinners. When one allows personal relationships to supersede or sidestep their older more important loyalties to one’s country that’s a problem. It starts small one bad decision and the people who attempt this kind of persuasion are the best the pursuing nations and corporations have to offer, they are working with intent. Beyond that complacency and stagnation are also real problems that only come with time and can only be changed with a drastic wake-up call or replacement. We as a nation need fresh ideas filtering into Washington on a regular basis that’s what helps fuel innovations and keeps us on top. Peer pressure and outside influence also have a much smaller role to play due to the shorter term, less time to corrupt anyone or process. I understand the need for people in certain positions to have a longer more detailed view but the positions where that’s really necessary are very few and far less then the egotistical leaders what to believe. Politicians by definition are egotistical and self-important, so when given control they tend to think they are the only ones capable of wielding it. The power must lie in the people, the people then give it to those who have proven their worth with actions, not words.  Let’s say terms of 5-8 years with competence calls every two years.

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