Teaching the Youth

The youth can only be the future if they’re smart and well taught enough to not just repeat the past. History isn’t a negotiable topic. It is a guide into which if studied we can learn from the brilliant minds before us and avoid the errors and hard lessons. However, egotistical and irrational people think it’s a good idea to rewrite history into a better more convenient view. The past is bloody and inconvenient in many ways, but if you don’t understand that. How, can you be grateful for what you have today? Schooling is only as good as the people teaching it and frankly, we need to fire a lot of people. Mainly the creators of common core every one of them. The math that got us into space and won two world wars was just fine. Complicating the system is STUPID. Standardizing the system was a good idea in a lot of aspects it gave us an idea where we are weak, however bringing down the strong to make the weak look better is unforgivable. Our nations school system doesn’t even rate in the top 20’s worldwide and like most problems its bureaucracy in the way of the greater good. Plain and simple the numbers don’t lie we as Americans are getting dumber and we deserve it for repeating history instead of learning from it like an intelligent society would.

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