Taxing into confusion

I am in no way a tax professional and have a wonderful lady who does mine every year. However, seeing a problem here is easy. The current tax code is so complex the people writing them literally can’t give a good description of it. I’ve listened to smart people on tax code I really like Rand Paul’s view, but I believe the easiest solution is generally the right one. People, corporations, and government officials who hide their actions through complex and purposely confusion tax codes are a big problem with an easy solution. A flat tax rate of say 16% across the board without loopholes. Big corporations paying a fair amount almost doesn’t happen because they pay very smart lawyers to play the loopholes, this ends that. Also helping the Small and personal businesses who are right now shouldering more than their fair share. As if Barry care wasn’t bad enough for the economy. We are driving money and corporations out of our country and helping our enemies and believe me, we have enemies in the international business world. Once we start recognizing that those are the corporations hiring our citizens and supporting a huge burden of our economy, then we can get them back and getting our countries backbone strong again. Being honest until Washington gets a real leader in office and turns the money spigot off it won’t matter we just spend too much right now. It’s unsustainable no matter how much they tax, take, and hurt us.

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