Shall Not Be Infringed Upon

I grew up in a home where guns were the norm, and respect for the tool was taught. I used the term tool for that’s what it is. Can it be a weapon, yes? Can it be used for evil, yes. Are they the best tools to protect your loved ones and your home? Yes. Criminals and politicians are the only people who want you disarmed, and for the same reason, you’re easier to control and can’t defend yourself much less your rights. I, as stated earlier, am a big fan of the constitution and love the wording “Shall not be infringed upon.” Politicians, with hopefully good intentions, want to limit the citizens’ rights. Most are just uninformed and scared, which I understand, but don’t condone. Gun control is not only illegal but counterproductive. The more good people with guns we have, the less damage the “crazies” can do. Let me state there’s always has been and always will be mentally ill people. It’s the duty of the citizen to protect THEMSELVES and his fellow-man. Police will never be able to save you in a life or death scenario not because they don’t want to, but because nobody can predict violence and be ready all the time. Even a fast reaction is more of a cleanup and chase then prevention of violence. It’s a sad day anytime someone is killed by violence; however, blaming a thing instead of the person using it doesn’t make sense. You don’t blame the car for the drunk driver. You blame the drinker. Guns are the reason we have a country at all and are forever intertwined into American culture.

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