Religion and a Tax Free Church

When you start talking about religion there really isn’t a more polarizing subject. I was raised in a pretty religious household and still hold onto a lot of the moral guidelines instilled into me at a young age. Saying that I’ve also grown beyond believing in imaginary friends. Religion stands alone on this planet when it comes to lives taken and it’s unrivaled in creating unneeded hatred between us as a world population. No one needs a reason to love, but they do to hate. I see no valid reason why churches deserve special treatment, we have allowed this sham to go on long enough and its time the bloated religions start paying their fair share. Unfortunately I do understand that this is going to get rid of some small churches, however, if your religion is truly based on understanding and love like everyone insists they are then you’ll understand you don’t deserve any special treatment just because you have a blind belief. If I believed the religion of Zeul I wouldn’t expect special treatment and I wouldn’t go around trying to force my ideas on anyone else. If you choose to give your hard earned money away good for you, but the church has to pay for it as income just as any other person or organization. The only way to find peace is to look within and focus on your energies nobody or organization can provide that for you those that claim they can are liars and manipulators. Nobody on this planet can tell anyone else on this planet what happens after we die simply put it’s impossible. To play into people’s fears and desires for profit is a time-honored tradition and it’s time to at least let those doing it pay their fair share. I understand the basic human need to seek something greater than one’s self. It’s at our most basic core and has proven itself civilization after civilization with few exceptions. Every Civilization thinks the past was uneducated and simple, and that might be true in some senses but human belief has never changed just the technology around him. The problem is that technology has proved the long-held beliefs clearly wrong. The world not revolving around the earth was just the tip of the iceberg. It also cost A great man his life. If I can talk about others beliefs I might as put my cards on the table. Clearly, I know nothing for sure but I’d like to think we’re just energy passing through a phase of knowledge, but I also strive to be a realist so I have to admit the possibility we are just a fleeting flame that disappears with our last heartbeat.

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