Planned Parenthood

The Idea of religion steering our nation’s laws is horrible and I think we need to get back to a much stricter mean of separation of church and state. Just because a politician has a religion doesn’t mean he has the right or legal ability to pass those religious guidelines on his constituents. This topic more so than others straddles the line of good moral decision making and following a religious sect. I firmly believe we in our society need to give women the ability to terminate pregnancies in certain situations before the first trimester etc. rape, incest, the health of the mother, Can’t support or well underage to name a few. However, women using abortions as birth control need to be fixed. I understand needing one for a number of reasons. But if you are having 3 or 4 you are just being irresponsible and have proven you do not want to be a mother. Condoms are cheap and birth control is easily obtainable. But needs to be more so. Also under the age of 18 must have parental consent. They’re not old enough vote, smoke, or make mature decisions but can make life-changing decisions is just dumb. Their frontal lobes aren’t fully developed its not their fault. Even if only so they aren’t going through it alone. Saying all abortions are illegal is just as dumb. All you do when you ban something is create a black market and a black-market abortion clinic is not what our women deserve.
Now a more recent topic has become what to do with the fetus. I am 100% behind stem cell research and truly believe it will be the cure we are looking for in many scenarios. Wasting anything is a negative, however even if the mother doesn’t respect or love the life she created it does deserve those things and should be treated that way. Cremation or science should be the only options. Having government cronies selling dead baby parts for profit is deplorable and simply needs to stop with arrests happening to those who continue the practice. The idea of babies being aborted that are already old enough to cry is bad enough, but then to just throw it in the dumpster you deserve to have your brain stem cut, not the child. Why do you need a law to have morals?

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