The VA and Vets

We have watched the most disrespectful and arrogant president our country has ever seen walk on and demoralize our fighting men. He doesn’t even have the common decency to salute the military personnal on his flight detail. He gives money to illegals for health care and leaves the men who actually served their country to rot in an underfunded and overused VA center. I watched my father fight the bureaucracy and it was about worse than the heart problem. Like most things the government controls they have run the system into the ground and need to be held accountable. I mean our president and congress got to exempt themselves from barry Care. They should have to go to the VA like the real American heroes.
Our country from its inception has been a force to be reckoned with. We earned our respect with lives lost and force proven. The only problem with being #1 is that number two and three want the spot. If you show weakness and lose your edge the hounds at the door will get in. The current administration has taken so much money from our national security our military men literally were forced to skip meals and wear subpar gear or buy their own.

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