No Free Money

I don’t think politicians or any democratic voter under the age of 30 understands the term free. They continue to think that money just gets printed and is limitless. Well here comes the truth bus. You don’t deserve another person’s hard-earned money. If you want nice things to work for them and save your money, don’t eat out every day and plan for the long-term. Delayed gratification is one of the truest signs of adulthood and the only way I know to ever get ahead in life. You think because life’s hard you deserve something, go fuck yourself. I love the states that are now saying if you want our money you have to work for it. Whether that be community service or road crew if you’re an able body person and want to mooch it’s going to cost you some sweat and time. I have no problem helping those who truly need it, but people have taken a good thing and corrupted it so they can live off of it instead of using it to get through a hard time. If we punish the producers for the lazy, the producers will just quit producing. The golden number is 50% when that percentage of the population collects taxes instead of paying then no matter how much they tax; the system starts a downward spiral that can’t be corrected without dramatic and uncomfortable change.

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