Militarizing the Police

I find it amusing every time somebody with armed guards try’s saying you don’t need your guns. It’s even better when those same people take our tax money and give it the people who are supposed to “Protect and Serve” us machine guns and Military armored vehicles. When the constitution was penned, all weapons were military-style, and all men were expected to know how to use one—both for the defense of his home and his nation. Politicians who believe they know what’s best while they’ve live in a bubble of shelter and ignorance is a large part of the problem. Still, then those people take their easily swayed ideas and loyalties and give the government power thinking it will act in the best interest of the citizens. Big Shocker, it doesn’t!!! In no way does creating a military police force help the people.
Police and military shouldn’t be trained along the same lines. They have completely different mission profiles, or at least should. How does serve and protect in any way sound like control and intimidate? Military equipment and training is for the nation’s defense and should be kept from being used on the people who pay for it. If you read history, putting a military-style presence around a population for their best interest has never worked simply because those in charge have no desire or ability to check the power or use of that force. It has a mental effect as strong as the physical. When big government pushes beyond its legal reach, they don’t want armed citizenship to be able to put them back within the parameters of their power or remove the tyrannical faction and replace it. I support and want a police force, but it must first help the citizens. You can’t train a force for war and expect peace or peaceful actions. I understand the need for a force and the training of self-defense, but pulling a gun any scenario that isn’t life or death should be punished. If you’re approaching every situation as life or death, then you’re in the wrong business. People will react to the energies you put off, and if yours is high and overly intense, then your just adding to an already bad or agitated situation. It’s incredible how it’s usually the same cops time after time in fights and trouble with the citizens. We need to stop making excuses and protecting these instigators. Just because you got the job doesn’t mean you deserve it or should keep it. It’s one of my biggest problems with the unions in almost all its forms is the protection it gives to those that deserve to be fired. All police officers who have any contact with civilians need mandatory body cams that cannot be turned off recording at all times on the person. We pay your bills. We deserve to see what we’re paying for if you’re scared of what we’ll see, then you’re the problem. To finish, I leave you with a question. What kind of law do we live under when the police are allowed and instructed to break the law to catch someone else breaking the law?

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