The fact that we as Americans have become trained to be happy with taking so many pharmaceutical drugs that we are literally tainting the water supply with our urine and have our amphibious wildlife showing a large amount of the drugs in their systems and it’s changing their behaviors is sad. They are permanently changing people’s brain chemistry all because the big business isn’t in cures but in repeat customers. We have become so over medicated and lied to for so long that when a real natural medicine is provided they fear it and doubt it. Let’s be honest big government and big pharmaceutical have been in bed with each other since the early 1900’s. Why would a corporation want the people to be able to grow and produce their own health care both mentally and physically when they are currently being sold it at huge profits. Marijuana is better at helping long term and short term than any chemical man can make in a lab without the horrible side effects pills always have. ( few exceptions) Not happy with my younger self, but I’ve taken about every drug known to man and the only one I feel comfortable and safe on any type of regular basis is Marijuana. Almost all the bad decisions I’ve made in life I was either drunk or on some pharmaceutical. Luckily as I’ve gotten older and somewhat smarter or have at least learned from enough mistakes to realize that I ‘Saw the Light”, that was not the way to go through life. Marijuana has so many applications outside of smoking it, it’s a true miracle plant. From biodegradable plastics, cheap home material, paper not from trees that can be regrown rapidly (our Decoration of Independence), medicine and the list goes on and on. Our founding fathers grew the plant on the white house property through multiply administrations. We currently have multiple nuclear leaks and problems on our soils right now that the government doesn’t want discussed, and again marijuana is proven to absorb radiation at a faster rate than anything else I know or have heard of so why not use it. I’m so confused by our government and what they deem safe for us which is none of their business, as long as they say tobacco and alcohol are safe they have no right to tell us anything about simply plant.

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