Illegal Immigrants getting our Tax money they don’t Deserve or Respect

This to me seems like common sense, but our political leaders have proven time and time again to have none of that. If we encourage or reward illegals by giving them free anything or a single right, then  we are only hurting ourselves and those who choose to come here legally. Our Tax money should only be used for Americans or those who respect our laws enough go through the proper channels. Illegals have no right to Vote, drive a car, hold a job (they aren’t paying taxes), or complain. I fully embrace any nationality and honestly want outside cultures. We need them and their culture to help evolve as a nation. We in a large part are who we are because of our mixing pot start. However, it must be a controlled entry for the safety and prosperity of our citizenship. If our government isn’t looking out for its citizens first and foremost what’s the point of the government? Furthermore, if I were a legal immigrant and went through the proper channels I would be pissed if those that spit on the law got anything before them or less because of the illegals. We as a nation have plenty of our own issues and our own people that NEED our assistance those should be our focus. The fact that we have a single vet on the streets in need and we are giving money to non-citizens should be enough. The fact we have thousands is disgraceful and any politician who votes to give illegals anything but a bus ride home should be stripped of their seats and shown for the incompetent soft heart people ruining America that they are. Now I’m sure there are lots of nice good Illegal immigrants and I don’t care. Trying to individualize a problem doesn’t solve the problem it just gives people something to argue about and like I said earlier if we are going to correct our path in this country it’s time to start hurting feeling and being uncomfortable to get the big picture as beautiful as possible.

One thought on “Illegal Immigrants getting our Tax money they don’t Deserve or Respect

  1. Most corrupt administration since obama, giving our tax dollars to illegals should be illegal, with all the homeless legal citizens, the money giving illegals would be enough to home our homeless!


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