Foreign Policy

When I look at foreign policy I maybe oversimplify it, but I am a pretty firm believer in Occam’s Razor. When you ignore the big picture and get overly involved in the details you lose vision of what’s important for the greater good. What’s important is protecting ourselves and assisting in protecting our allies. Our current administration has been very sympathetic to countries that have repeatedly proven they are allied against us. They are falling for the very tactics they use, the use of pretty and hollow words. If you aren’t competent or don’t care enough to vet the action of your opponent then why would we want you negotiating for us? The Iran Nuclear Deal and The TPP are just two examples among the endless poor decisions made recently. It makes sense to align with those whose beliefs and lifestyle is complementary to our own. There is no Muslim country in the world whose values align with ours. Financially from time to time yes, but not culturally. They have a “government” if you can call it that based on a religion and control of power through it. They have the world’s worst conditions for human rights and tolerance of the different. Israel has a government that protects itself and people first as any good government should, it’s also the only democratic system surrounded by dictatorships and communism in the Middle East. They have proven to be on our side when it matters on the world stage yet somehow our current leadership thinks helping its enemies is a good decision for America. Our leadership now sounds like its negotiating from a position of sheep instead of the wolf we have always been. We have proven the main culprits of 9-11 were Saudis yet obama refuses to either punish or stop relations with them going as far as stopping the American citizens from being able to sue or seek prosecution of the guilty, WHY? Just another case of obama ignoring the greater good of the American people.

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