Federal Vs. State Powers

The Federal Government was never intended to be the presiding lawmakers of the country. The states themselves are to govern their peoples with major guidelines coming from the Feds. The Federal Government is to keep the infrastructure up to date, maintain a military, keep national trade deals in our favor, and stay out of the people’s way. The State Government has the right to pass laws as they see fit for their constituents within their borders, thus if I don’t like the laws in one state I can move to a state whose views better a line with my own. The feds now are trying and succeeding in passing laws that blanket the country without the agreement of the people or states. Like the completely ignorant law barry passed saying he wanted men in women restrooms. Whoever doesn’t see this as a complete abuse of power simply doesn’t know the law. Not to mention putting children in harm’s way. I can’t imagine a single Father saying; yes I want mentally unstable people in the bathroom with my little girl. If they’re anything like me if I see you walk into a little girl’s restroom after my little girl I’m coming in to stomp your ass. Furthermore passing a law for a tiny percentage of the population is completely against what America stands for. We as a Republic are supposed to be focused on the greater good and letting perverts into women’s restrooms clearly isn’t what’s best for the public. This shouldn’t even be on the president’s plate. Now if that segregation of the public all wanted to move to let’s say Utah and pass a state law saying they can go into a women’s washroom so be it, but then I’m taking my family to a state I agree with.

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