Career Politicians

The current political system is nothing but a shadow of what was envisioned. The Idea of foreign money swaying the opinion of our leaders is TREASON. You are no longer acting in the best interest of the country but for yourself and your pocket-book. This is now a common practice and how these career politicians are taking advantage of the trust and responsibility we the people have entrusted into them. It’s sickening. I understand how the ball started rolling in this direction, it was inevitable, however men of conscious never stood up to stop the problem. Now the money is in the pocketbooks the only way to stop it is with stiff punishments for those who dare betray their country. We need examples set. You can pretty much spit in any direction in Washington on either side of the aisle and hit dirt. “Not meaning to insult dirt”
Now saying that I do believe in the system and the REPUBLIC for which I stand. We have the best political Ideals and have earned them through blood and sweat of good men. We have the right to vote and choose whom we want to lead us; it’s not a birth or ordained right. The politicians Of old did their duty and went home to have a life with the rest of the citizens. They were the best of us those who lead by example and look for solutions to problems not just someone to blame for them. The Idea of fixing a problem now is just writing more laws and hoping something happens. We don’t need more laws we need hard men to enforce the laws that are already on the books. We need to hurt feeling and pop bubbles to bring reality back into focus.

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