Building the Wall

The America of the past is gone in many respects replaced by soft hearts and political correctness. Instead of looking at the big picture and doing what needs to be done to make that big picture as beautiful as possible. The short shortsightedness and “easy way” nature of our leadership has created an environment where breaking our nation border laws is the norm. Our border patrolmen already fighting an uphill battle are now also being told to not follow laws on the books and are being shot and killed by guns our country’s government sold to the Mexican cartels. In yet another show of stupidity, our current administration has become known. America has great laws on the books we just need to enforce those not look for ways to get around them. America had basically eradicated many diseases that just decades ago were deadly. Now we see those same diseases coming back and strangely happening in the same places illegal immigrants are in high concentration. That includes bedbugs, smallpox, and whooping-cough just to name a few. The laws in place are for the greater goods benefit. Yes, we want immigration its good, but coming here is an opportunity, not a right. We as a nation need you vetted and health tested, we worked hard to get where we are and have the right to want to keep it this way. Terrorism is a topic all unto itself however it does play a big part in this section I mean if kids and women can cross our borders daily what’s stopping those who wish us harm for nothing more than enjoying our freedoms and rights. The world we live in today is a scary place we should be doing the basics to protect ourselves. Tracking American citizens to a sickening level, but not caring enough to protect us is a horrible betrayal of our trust and what our forefathers would have wanted. It’s not hateful or racist its common sense to protect our borders and defend our people. Our country has acted in the best interests of Americans before and it needs to again, maybe with a different name we might be past time where we can call it Operation Wetback, but that doesn’t mean we’re past the time of the action.

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