The Outgoing President

This has been the most disgraceful and flat out insulting exit from the white house since the Clinton’s STOLE everything and were then forced to replace it losing a few things along the way. I mean once a thief always a thief, and that’s their good side. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day an American president even a shitty one who say we’ve celebrated Jesus long enough and we should think about muslims and mohammad this year. Forgetting the fact that it’s Pagan based and has nothing to to with either religion except they stole the date (the winter solstice)  to appease the people early on and make the transition over easier. That’s just the start, then blame Russia for Hacking an election with no proof what so ever. Follow that up with then almost laughable kicking out the Russian ambassador and employees like a baby throwing a tantrum. Putin then makes him look even worse by not retaliating. The Nobel peace prize winning Ass decides to be aggressive and move special forces into the region.   However, the intelligence leaking out of the barry administration is so bad they couldn’t make an honest attempt at any action without being made to look like even bigger fools. Now as if that wasn’t bad enough lets not forget he gave Iran Nukes like an Ass, then turned around and tried to split up Israel with bullshit backdoor deals with the U.N. which by the way also isn’t our Friend half as much as Israel used to be.  Again I’m not religious but a lot of Americans are and he just gave some of your most sacred sites to muslims that are know for destroying every holy site they can find. Does that not piss you off? It does me just for the historical significance. I know right, but it continues in a petty and easily seen though move he steals land from the public makes it federally owned. Not as natural parks then he follows that up with and bill that makes it easier to sell federal land to corporations. In an other blatant slap to the American public.  Basically once again Barry says one thing with his pretty words and does the complete opposite. His real legacy

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