A Fresh Start Feeling

I think except for a few liberal idiots who can’t let it go. Most Americans feel a sense of change in the air that we haven’t felt sense the big let down of Barry term one. Before that I don’t remember a more defined tone of optimism following any president, maybe a Roosevelt or Kennedy but that was before my time. I have stayed quiet about President-elect Trump post-election simple because let’s face it, he’s a wildcard and I wanted to listen and read awhile before coming to any judgments. Up to now I have to say I’m impressed with what I’m seeing. He’s put proven professionals in position of power, people who actually have vision and drive. Not just more, yes men politicians who have proven all they are good for is fucking up a good thing. I thought you liberals liked Elon Musk I do and he’s helping advise, Gen. Mattis (Ret.) A true bad ass in every sense of the word and a gentlemen of the high order, and Dr. Ben Carlson a no bullshit brain surgeon who came from nothing and knows what living there is like for secretary of housing love it . Just to name a few. You’ll also notice a strong trend of ex-military which is exactly what we need a little discipline and some callused hands in our government. I’m not saying  I like all his picks, but the people getting jobs didn’t get them with pay to play schemes. I saw the first positive new on TV in a long time the other day a politician going out to business and asking what needed to be done to have the jobs stay in America. How can you be unhappy with this? We have Rand Paul going in and cleaning out all the harmful and counterproductive regulations passed on business and trade over the last 8 years and beyond. We have Rep. Trey Gowdy going out and asking hard question and making peoples butts squirm instead of playing nice and trying not to hurt anyone’s feeling or worse yet protecting a fellow politician because that’s status quo. Like an attorney general pleading the 5th. Come on. Overall I’m as excited for the upcoming years as I was scared of the last miserable eight.

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