On The Minds

Planned Parenthood

The Idea of religion steering our nations laws is horrible and I think we need to get back to a much more strict mean of separation of church and state. Just because a politician has a religion doesn’t mean he has the right or legal ability to pass those religious guide lines on his constituents. This topic more so than others straddles the line of good moral decision making and following a religious sect. I firmly believe we in our society need to give women the ability to terminate pregnancies in certain situations before the first trimester etc. rape, incest, health of mother, or well under age, However women using abortions as birth control need to be fixed. I understand needing one for a number of reason but if you are having 3 or 4 you are just being irresponsible and have proven your are not wanting to be a mother. You should have your tubes tied if you want the abortion after your second. Condoms are cheap and birth control is easily obtainable. Also under the age of 18 must have parental consent. They’re not old enough vote, smoke, or make mature decision but can make life changing decisions is just dumb. Even if only so they aren’t going through it alone. Saying all abortions are illegal is just as dumb. All you do when you ban something is create a black-market and a black-market abortion clinic is not what our women deserve.

Now a more recent topic has become what to do with the fetus. I am 100% behind stem cell research and truly believe it will be the cure we are looking for in many scenarios. Wasting anything is a negative, however even if the mother doesn’t respect or love the life she created it does deserve those things and should be treated that way. Cremation or science should be the only options. Having government cronies selling dead babies for parts for profit is deplorable and simply needs to stop with arrests happening to those who continue the practice. The idea of babies being aborted that are already old enough to cry is bad enough, but then to just throw it in the dumpster you deserve to have your brain stem cut not the child. Why do you need a law to have morals?

Our military and Vets

We have watched the most disrespectful and arrogant president our country has ever seen walk on and demoralize our fighting men. He doesn’t even have the common decency to salute the military personal on his flight details. He gives money to illegals for health care and leaves the men who actual serve their country to rot in an underfunded and over used VA center. I watched my father fight the bureaucracy and it was about worse than the heart problem. Like most things the government controls they have run the system into the ground and need to be held accountable. I mean our president and congress got to exempt themselves from barry Care they should have to go to the VA like the real American heroes.

Our country from its inception has been a force to be reckoned with. We earned our respect with lives lost and force proven. The only problem with being #1 is that number two and three want the spot. If you show weakness and lose your edge the hounds at the door will get in. The current administration has taken so much money from our national security our military men literally were forced to skip meals and wear sub par gear or buy their own.


The fact that we as Americans have become trained to be happy with taking so many pharmaceutical drugs that we are literally tainting the water supply with our urine and have our amphibious wildlife showing large amount of the drugs in their systems and its changing their behaviors. They are permanently changing peoples brain chemistry all because the big business isn’t in curers but in repeat customers. We have become so over medicated and lied to for so long that when a real natural medicine is provided they fear it and doubt it. Lets be honest big government and big pharmaceutical have been in bed with each other since the early 1900’s. Why would a corporation want the people to be able to grow and produce there own health care both mentally and physically when they are currently being sold it at huge profits. Marijuana is better at helping long term and short term than any chemical man can make in a lab without the horrible side effects pills always have. Not happy with my younger self, but I’ve taken about every drug know to man and about the only one I feel comfortable and safe with is Marijuana. About all the bad decisions I’ve made in life I was either drunk or on some pharmaceutical. Luckily as I’ve gotten older and somewhat smarter or have at least learned from enough mistakes to realize that I ‘Saw the Light”, that was not the way to go through life. Marijuana has so many application outside of smoking it, its a true miracle plant. From biodegradable plastics, cheap home material, paper not from trees that can be regrown rapidly ( our Decoration of Independence), medicine and the list goes on and on. Our founding fathers grew the plant on the white house property through multiply administrations. We currently have multiple nuclear leaks and problems on our soils right now that the government doesn’t want discussed, and again marijuana is proven to absorb radiation at a faster rate than anything else I know or have heard of so why not use it. I’m so confused by our government and what they deem safe for us which is none of their business, as long as they say tobacco and alcohol are safe they have no right to tell us anything about simply plant.

Illegal Immigrants getting our Tax money they don’t Deserve or Respect

This to me seems like common sense, but our political leaders have proven time and time again to have none of that. If we encourage or reward illegals by giving them free anything or a single right we are only hurting ourselves and those who choose to come in legally. Our Tax money should only be used for Americans or those who respect our laws enough go through the proper channels. Illegals have no right to Vote, drive a car, hold a job (they aren’t paying taxes), or complain. I fully embrace any nationality and honestly want outside cultures. We need them and their culture to help evolve as a nation and we in large part are who because of our mixing pot start, however it must be a controlled entry for the safety and prosperity of our citizenship. If our government is looking out for its citizens first and foremost what’s the point of the government? Further more if I were a legal immigrant and went through the proper channels I would be pissed if those that spit on the law got anything before them or less because of the illegals. We as a nation have plenty of our our issues and people that NEED our assistance those should be our focus. The fact that we have a single vet on the streets in need and we are giving money to non citizens should be enough. The fact we have thousands is disgraceful and any politician who votes to give illegals anything but a bus ride home should be stripped of there seats and shown for the incompetent soft heart people ruining America that they are. Now I’m sure there are lots of nice good Illegal immigrants and I don’t care. Trying to individualize a problem doesn’t solve the problem it just gives people something to argue about and like I said earlier if we are going to correct our path in this country its time to start hurting feeling and being uncomfortable to get the big picture as beautiful as possible.

Religion and a Tax Free Church

When you start talking about religion there really isn’t a more polarizing subject. I was raised in a pretty religious household and still hold onto a lot of the moral guidelines instilled into me at a young age. Saying that I’ve also grown beyond believing in an imaginary friends. Religion stands alone on this planet when it comes to lives taken and it’s unrivaled in creating unneeded hatred between us as a world population. No one needs a reason to love, but they do to hate. I see no valid reason why churches deserve special treatment, we have allowed this sham to go on long enough and its time the bloated religions start paying their fair share. Unfortunately I do understand that this is going to get rid of some small churches, however if your religion is truly based on understanding and love like everyone insists they are then you’ll understand you don’t deserve any special treatment just because you have a blind belief. If I believed the religion of Zeul I wouldn’t expect special treatment and I wouldn’t go around trying to force my ideas on anyone else. If you choose to give your hard earned money away good for you, but the church has to pay for it as income just as any other person or organization. The only way to find peace is to look within and focus on your energies nobody or organization can provide that for you those that claim they can are liars and manipulators. Nobody on this planet can tell anyone else on this planet what happens after we die simply put it’s impossible. To play into peoples fears and desires for profit is a time honored tradition and its time to at least let those doing it pay their fair share. I understand the basic human need to seek something greater than ones self. Its at our most basic core and has proven itself civilization after civilization with few exceptions. Every Civilization thinks the past was uneducated and simple, and that might be true in some senses but human belief has never changed just the technology around him. The problem is that technology has proved the long held beliefs clearly wrong. The world not revolving around the earth was just the tip of the iceberg. It also cost A great man his life. If I can talk about others beliefs I might as put my cards on the table. Clearly I know nothing for sure but I’d like to think we’re just energy passing through a phase of knowledge, but I also strive to be a realist so I have to admit the possibility we are just a fleeting flame that extinguish with our last breath.

Militarizing the Police

I find it amusing every time somebody with armed guards try’s saying you don’t need your guns. It’s even better when those same people take our tax money and give it the people who are supposed to “Protect and Serve” us machine guns and Military armored vehicles. When the constitution was penned all weapons were military style and all men were expected to know how to use one. Both for defense of his home and his nation. Politicians who believe they know whats best when they’ve lived in a bubble of shelter and ignorance is a large part of the general problem, but then those people take their easily swayed ideas and loyalties and give the government power thinking it will act in the best interest of the citizenship. Big Shocker it doesn’t!!! In no way does creating a military police force help the people. Police and military shouldn’t be trained along the same lines They have completely different mission profiles or at least should. How does serve and protect in anyway sound like control and intimidate? Military equipment and training is for the nations defense and should be kept from being used on the people who pay for it. If you read history putting a military style presence around a population for their best interest has never worked simply because those in charge have no desire or ability to check the power or use of that force. It has a mental affect as strong as the physical. When big government pushes beyond its legal reach they don’t want an armed citizenship to be able to put them back within the parameters of there power or remove the tyrannical faction and replace it. I support and want a police force, but it must first help the citizens. You can’t train a force for war and expect peace or peaceful actions. I understand the need for force and training of self defense, but pulling a gun any scenario that isn’t life or death should be punished. If you’re approaching every scenario as life or death then your in the wrong business. People will react to the energies you put off and if yours is high and overly intense then your just adding to an already bad or agitated situation. Its amazing how its usually the same cops time after time in fights and in trouble with the citizens. We need to stop making excuses and protecting these instigators. Just because you got the job doesn’t mean you deserve it or should keep it. Its one of my biggest problems with the unions in almost all its forms is the protection it gives to those that deserve to be fired. All police officers who have any contact with civilians need mandatory body cams that can not be turned off recording at all times on the person. We pay your bills we deserve to see what we’re paying for if you’re scared of what we’ll see, then you’re the problem. To finish I leave you with a question. What kind of law do we live under when the police are allowed and instructed to break the law to catch someone else breaking the law?

Foreign Policy

When I look at foreign policy I maybe over simplify it, but I am a pretty firm believer in Occam’s Razor. When you ignore the big picture and get overly involved in the details you lose vision of whats important for the greater good. Whats important is protecting ourselves and assisting in protecting our allies. Our current administration has been very sympathetic to countries that have repeatedly proven they are allied against us. They are falling for the very tactics they use, the use of pretty and hollow words. If you aren’t competent or don’t care enough enough to vet the action of your opponent then why would we want you negotiating for us. The Iran nuclear Deal and The TPP are just two examples among the endless poor decisions made recently. It makes sense to align with those who’s beliefs and life style is complimentary to our own. There is no Muslim country in the world who’s values align with ours. Financially from time to time yes, but not culturally. They have a “government” if you can call it that based on a religion and control of power though it. They have the worlds worst conditions for human rights and tolerance of the different. Israel has a government that protects itself and people first as any good government should, its also the only democratic system surrounded by dictatorships and communism in the middle east. They have proven to be on our side when it matters on the world stage yet somehow our current leadership thinks helping its enemies is a good decision for America. Our leadership now sounds like its negotiating from a position of sheep instead of the wolf we have always been. We have proven the main culprits of 9-11 were Saudis yet barry refuses to either punish or stop relations with them going as far as stopping the American citizens from being able to sue or seek prosecution of the guilty,WHY? Just another case of barry ignoring the greater good of the American people

The Environment

Mother earth is one of my personal hot topics. I was raised in the woods and taught at a young age to respect nature and leave things better that I found them. Our country does have some of the most beautiful land on planet earth and our government did have the fore thought to set swaths aside so future generations get to enjoy them as we always have, however that’s not enough. Our earlier generations had vasts amounts of natural resources to plunder and enjoy for propensities sake. Those times are quickly coming to an end in one sense, and another much more earth friendly one is upon us. We have as a nation and world hurt the lands and waters in some places beyond repair, but earth is an amazing eco-sytem if we nurture her just a little we can restore some balance. We have technology now our earlier generations literally couldn’t have imagined, so why are we still using essentially the same process to create energy and to power our cities? Further more those people who use such process are being hassled by local and federal officials for not using their monopoly of outdated power. While other progressive nations are either giving tax insensitive or flat our paying the citizens to not use the grid. We don’t have the right to tell other nations how to use their resources, but we do have the knowledge and technology to lead the way into a better future. Sadly up to this point we have chosen against it. We don’t need GMO salmon, we don’t need to fix cow farts (Yes, the government spent money to reduce cow farts) we don’t need poison infused crops. We do need a healthier more productive ocean, we do need to reduce Co2 emission, and we do need a more nature based food culture. We as a People of the earth, and not just as people on the planet have to realize this path we’re on isn’t sustainable. As a nice side effect if we leave an oil based society we take the bite out of the middle east which is our goal anyways. Sorry I’m wondering I could easily write for pages here, but will withhold for future writings.

Term Limits

I firmly believe if more of the voting population really paid attention this is one of those topics that would change quickly. One of many sadly. Nobody or at least very very few politicians get into the game thinking they’d be corrupted or bought off. It isn’t a fast process and it isn’t someone just walking up once it’s a relationship built over years, favors, and dinners. When one allows personal relationships to supersede their older more important loyalties to ones country that’s a problem. It starts small one bad decision and the people who attempt this kind of persuasion are the best the pursuing nations and corporations have to offer, they are working with intent. Beyond that complacency and stagnation are also real problems that only come with time and can only be changed with a drastic wake up call or replacement. We as a nation need fresh ideas filtering into Washington on a regular basis that’s what helps fuel innovations and keeps us on top. Peer pressure and outside influence also has a much smaller roll to play due to the shorter term, less time to corrupt anyone or process. I understand the need for people in certain positions to have a longer more detailed view but the seats where that’s really necessary are very few and far less then then egotistical leaders what to believe. Politicians by definition are egotistical and self important, so when given control they tend to think they are the only ones capable of wielding it. The power must lie in the people, the people then give it to those who have proven their worth with actions not words. When they have power to long you get situations like Hillary’s who got complacent and decided she didn’t need to worry about safety protocols or national security because she knew best. Its simply arrogance and is unforgivable the fact she has a foot in the race is pure American ignorance at its best.

Federal Vs. State Powers

The Federal Government was never intended to be the presiding law makers of the country. The states themselves are to govern their peoples with major guidelines coming from the Feds. The federal Government is to keep the infrastructure up to date, maintain a military, keep national trade deals in our favor, and stay out of the peoples way. The State Government has the right to pass laws as they see fit for their constituents within their borders, thus if I don’t like the laws in one state I can move to a state who’s views better a line with my own. The feds now are trying and succeeding in passing laws that blanket the country without the agreement of the people or states. Like the completely ignorant law barry just passed saying he wanted men in women restrooms. Who ever doesn’t see this as a complete abuse of power simply doesn’t know the law. Not to mention putting children in harms way. I can’t imagine a single Father saying, yes I want mentally unstable people in the bathroom with my little girl. If they’re anything like me if I see you walk in to a little girls restroom after a little girl I’m coming in to to stomp your ass. Further more passing a law for a tiny percentage of the population is completely against what America stands for. We as a Republic are supposed to be focused on the greater good and letting perverts into women’s restrooms clearly isn’t whats best for the public. This shouldn’t even be on the presidents plate mush less be a topic he won’t shut up about. Now if that segregation of the public all wanted to move to lets say Utah and pass a state law saying they can go in to a women’s washroom so be it, but then I’m taking my family to a state I agree with.

Future Topics

  1. Actions and consequence, spanking the youth.

  2. Drone wars vs. feet on the ground

  3. Buying American

  4. Fluoride in our Water Supply?

  5. War on middle class

  6. being paid what you’re worth

  7. Farmers vs. the Government and the EPA

  8. Losing Touch with reality putting down the electronics

  9. Dividing through elections Sanders Vs. Trump, Finding a center

  10. Ignoring the Ignorant

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