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Actions and Consequences The Youth

This issue is at the forefront of the American Social problem. I am a firm believer that in order for a lesson to be learned it must leave an impression. If it doesn’t then it is simply brushed aside as a road that can be traveled again without fear of consequence. Actions in any scenario are only changed or molded though uniform consequences and an understanding that if you choose to cross the line it will cost you more than an ear full. Words have almost no meaning if they aren’t backed up with an actionable threat. Something our politicians need to understand in the foreign relations world. Now I am not talking about beating your child I’m talking about leaving an impression. Does smacking your child on the butt convey an actionable threat yes, so the child must respect that consequence. Its supposed to hurt/be uncomfortable, that’s the point. Black and blue bruises aren’t necessary but if the belt leaves a mark, well so be it the kid probably deserved it and hopefully won’t continue down that road due to the consequences he learned from the previous attempt. Personal restraint is developed it isn’t instinct and thus must be taught and molded through trial and error learning in our youth. A good punishment doesn’t need to be done all the time it conveys a messenger or lesson and once learned that path isn’t chosen anymore. As much as we don’t like to think it we are just an animal and training one of us is very similar to training a dog in principal. Positive, not negative enforcement with a predictable and defined rule system. In every other species the parent or trainer punishes the young offender with the equivalent of a good swat on the ass, It’s called proper training. You can tell the parents who don’t believe this “The Friend” they have the loud annoying kids who have poor social skills making movie theaters, airplanes, and restaurants unpleasant.

Drone War Vs. Feet on the Ground

We as Americans have become rather numb to war and killing. We’ve been in one war or another most of my life. That doesn’t diminish the brutality or the need for them just our caring about them. Drones have put a new spin on the subject though, we no longer need to be in the area to touch someone. We can sit in Ohio and basically play an awesome video game, but with real-world results. Drones can watch the world but they can’t read a scenario or sense a shift at the moment. Those things can only be done with feet on the ground. The war we face today is the war of special forces small hunt and kill teams with local intelligence moving quietly with the ability to act and call in drones or air strikes at a moments notice. The real terrorist we need to kill disappear as fast as they appear and we get very few chances to eradicate them. Death is the only cure for our enemies and bureaucracy is stopping us. Men that have no business in war feel important impeding warriors and its killing our people, let our warriors do what they are trained to do kill those who wish to do us harm. We could have killed Osama long before he attacked us. Our soldiers found him and our politicians let him go. We have become a nation of wolves run by sheep, more scared of bad PR than of letting Americans die. R.I.P Mr. Ambassador

Being paid what you’re worth

This is a topic that’s going to piss some people off and again I really don’t care. Our country now like always provides more to those that are willing to reach out and grab it than those that just accept their lot in life without trying to improve one’s self. Simply put fast food isn’t a career and you don’t deserve a paycheck that is worth more than your work input into society. If you want a career or even a job that pays well go out and do something about it. The same person sitting in their living room bitching and smoking pot is the same person at the rally bitching about their wage. If that person got off the couch and decided to improve one’s life they could, but nobody is going to help you and honestly you deserve the help if you’re not even willing to try to get it. Furthermore, these people saying those jobs aren’t enough to raise a family well no shit those jobs aren’t designed to do that. These jobs are designed for high school students and the unmotivated. If you’re not in a position to pay for a family maybe you should use a condom and not blame society for your ignorance. It’s a shame the young have to deal with the consequences of their parents, but its simply a fact of life. If you want more out of life then go do something about it. If you work at McDonald and have a new smartphone and you go out all the time the problem isn’t the money you make it’s the money you spend. If you keep pushing your going to get replaced by a machine and then you’ll have what you deserve NOTHING.

Fluoride in the Water

Fluoride is classified as a Neurotoxin along the lines of lead, arsenic, and methyl-mercury. It’s been linked to neurological disorders and is now been ban in 98% of Europe. It’s essentially one of the longest-running human experiments ever conducted. When it was put forward maybe the government didn’t know the clear dangers of putting in into our water supply maybe it did, but it does know now and has done nothing about it. We as citizens deserve clean water we pay a shit load in taxes for that specific purpose. If our current leadership can’t figure it out then we need to find someone who can and run this country like the business it is. Why would we ever add unneeded chemicals into any facet of our lives? Not to mention we are perpetually dumping this crap it into our ecosystems.

Losing Touch with Reality Putting Down the Electronics

When was the last time you had a good conversation with a stranger? When was the last time you really just enjoyed and lived in the moment? When were you last really disconnected or really connected depending on how you look at it. I try to stay pretty aware of how much time I spend looking at a screen whether that be a computer or cell phone. I admit like most though I spend way to much time out of the moment. Take a look at any older photo and you see people being attentive to their current situation. Look at a photo now and you see people on their phones or trying to record the moment instead of living it. If you just put your phone down and your head up you wouldn’t have to record it you could just remember it. This ADDICTION is having a huge impact on our youth and upcoming generations. The constant withdraw from social interactions and emotional conflict is creating a generation of people who have very poor social skills and tend to be emotionally unstable. Again, we have to be taught how to act in public and in society, it isn’t instinct and it isn’t learned from television. On the parents of my generation ipads and constant data input has made raising children easier, because it keeps their attention fixed to a screen. That’s not healthy and it doesn’t take away the need to actually teach your children how the world works and what is expected of him or her in it. Children are supposed to be annoying it’s your job to train them to not be before unleashing them upon the world. Beyond that aspect, we also need to be aware of how much we allow ourselves to be bombarded with wi-fi and unseen energies. Turn off your router at night or run hard lines, Don’t sleep with your phone next to your head, don’t leave your phone against your skin in your pocket all day, and Don’t be scared to turn off your electronics and enjoy a book or walk in the woods. Stand barefoot in the grass next time you get a chance bet you can’t remember how good that feels.

No more protecting the Guilty

I have crossed the legal line a few times in my life and I learn invaluable lessons through the punishment I incurred for my actions. So when I say criminals don’t break the law out of ignorance, but out of disregard for the law, I have a good handle on the subject. Why would the law ever give those people any support or rights? If a person breaks the law the person with whom the infringement was broken upon should have the right to whatever is needed to protect one’s self, family, and belongings. Criminals in the act essentially give up his right to protection or sympathy from his victim. Now I’m not saying retribution but while in the act. If a criminal is injured, killed, or otherwise made unwhole while taking from others well that’s the risk he took and he has NO recourse. Actions have unforeseen consequences if you’re not willing to live with those. Then don’t step in the ring. Beyond the Obvious, I think its time we recognize a good ass kicking as legitimate punishment when someone deserves it. If the drunk guy at the bar won’t leave you alone after respectfully asking him to do so and then continues to insults your women well he deserved a broken nose maybe he’ll keep his mouth shut next time. The cops should give you a handshake, not handcuffs. I know its a thin line but our judges are paid very well and should be held to a high standard, they are supposed to seek the truth and decided on a just outcome. The current system only seeks the truth when forced or much money is spent. Without getting to engrossed into this topic I think we need some serious investigation into our politicians from the president down they break laws with immunity and that shit needs to stop. The only way that happens is putting some corrupt pieces of shit in prison, or a good old fashion hanging if we find a traitor to the country financial or otherwise.

Stop Thinking They Think Like You

America even at its worst is so much better than most of the world even our poor people are fat. That fact has made Americans soft and stupid when it comes to dealing with our enemies and those that wish to do us harm. We have started thinking that other parts of the world live like we do and think like we do, which is pure ignorance. The people and religion we are fighting today have a crazy sense of morals nothing like ours. Like police they are instructed and rewarded for lying to get ahead and “win”. The Koran starts off as a peaceful and rather simple book much like the Bible with many of the same stories. The difference is that after Mohammad was run out of Mecca and cast out to Medina all the good, loving, and peaceful writing changed and it became a militant and hate filled religion. Simple because the person writing them was an angry hate filled MAN. The Koran states because it is full of contradiction like the bible that the last word is written is the one to be followed. Thus the part of the Koran the extremist are following is the proper Muslim religion and the reason we need to exterminate the religion from our borders like the smart European countries are already doing. Furthermore, we Americans have no idea what a thousand year war is we’ve only been around a few hundred years so how can we expect our short-term logic to change their long-term Hate.

The American Dream

I’m not sure when the definition of the American Dream changed, but it seems it has to all the news channels and ignorant politicians. The promise was nothing more than an opportunity for a better life if your willing to work hard and make sacrifices. Life hasn’t ever been easy and it’s not supposed to be. If you want nice things then you have to bust your ass and EARN them. Living off other people money isn’t the American Dream it’s the American Downfall. If you are too lazy to go out and work your ass off for your Goals you don’t deserve the money of someone who does. One of the greatest quotes I know “ The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” Alexis de Tocqueville. The current democratic party has fully embraced this mantra and its showing in the downfall of the political system. Its just sad the public is dumb enough to follow the undeserving of leadership down the path to destruction.

3 thoughts on “On The Minds Page 2

  1. I agree with a lot of what you say and don’t with some of what you say. Overall I would have to give you an A- grade. The only reason you didn’t get an A or A+ is you should have proofread your material before you sent it. You made quite a few grammatical errors within your comments so one might guess that you didn’t go very far in school or if you did you had others do your homework for you, or you do work at McDonalds.—-Just kidding, good article, I am going to reblog it for you.


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