And so it Begins……

Between the Lines on the Minds

         As I read the Papers, blogs, and listened to my friends I’ve come to realize the dividing nature of the news and politics we are currently living. Seeing the problem and wanting to find a solution, not a victory or win. “An important personal revolution” I realized most of us have similar desires and the crazy or zealots the 5% or so on both sides extremes are ruining it for the more important majority. The majority have lost their voice to the annoying whining groups who think they should be catered to because their parents wanted to be their friends, not their trainers never teaching them life’s unfair suck it up and work hard.

An intro to me and my writings and I thank you for reading. I am going to keep these intro’s short to give you a feel of where I write.

Politics is a personal subject for everyone if you don’t like my ideas I don’t care don’t read on. My goals are good and I love the country I live in. Just recognizing it less and less.

I write from a Republican base but am by no mean a straight party line guy. I do believe the Democratic party has moved further left over recent years pushing socialism. Republicans, on the other hand, have been more worried about stopping the problem then offering any solution or a viable leadership.

Over the next few pages, I will tackle topics I hear people talking about and try to help give a realistic point of view on the problems which our bias news won’t give from either side. I simply hope to help clarify the issues.

Issues at Hand

  1. Shall not be infringed upon.

  2. Building the Wall

  3. Career Politicians

  4. Taxing into confusion

  5. The Racial Divide

  6. Terrorism

  7. Teaching the youth

  8. No Free Money

  9. Control through misdirection

  10. Healthcare

Shall Not Be Infringed Upon

Growing up I was raised in a home where guns were the norm and respect for the tool was taught. I used the term tool for that’s what it is. Can it be a weapon? Yes. Can it be used for evil? Yes. Are they the best tools to protect your loved ones and your home Yes. Criminals and politician are the only people who want you disarmed and for the same reason you’re easier to control and can’t defend yourself much less your rights. I as stated earlier am a big fan of the constitution and love the wording “Shall not be infringed upon”. Politicians with hopefully good intentions want to limit the citizens rights. Most are just uninformed and scared which I understand, but don’t condone. Gun control is not only illegal, but counterproductive. The more good people with guns we have the less damage the “crazies” can do. Let me state there’s always has been and always will be mental ill people. It’s the duty of the citizen to protect THEMSELVES and his fellow-man. Police will never be able to save you in a life or death scenario not because they don’t want to, but because nobody can predict violence and be ready all the time. Even a fast reaction is more of a clean up and chase then prevention of violence. It’s a sad day anytime someone is killed by violence, however blaming a thing instead of the person using it doesn’t make sense. You don’t blame the car for the drunk driver you blame the drinker. Guns are the reason we have a country at all and are forever intertwined into American culture.

Building the Wall

The America of the past is gone in many respects replaced by soft hearts and political correctness instead of looking at the big picture and doing what needs to be done to make that big picture as beautiful as possible. The short shortsightedness and “easy way” nature of our leadership has created an environment where breaking our nation border laws is the norm. Our border patrolmen already fighting an uphill battle are now also being told to not follow laws on the books and are being shot and killed by guns our country’s government sold to the Mexican cartels. In yet another show of stupidity, our current administration has become know. America has great laws on the books we just need to enforce those not look for ways to get around them. America had basically eradicated many diseases that just decades ago were deadly. Now we see those same diseases coming back and strangely happening in the same places illegal immigrants are in high concentration. That includes bedbugs, smallpox, and whooping-cough just to name a few. The laws in place are for the greater good benefit yes we want immigration its good, but coming here is an opportunity, not a right. We as a nation need you vetted and health tested we worked hard to get where we are and have the right to want to keep it this way. Terrorism is a topic all unto itself however it does play a big part in this section I mean if kids and women can cross our borders daily what’s stopping those who wish us harm for nothing more than enjoying our freedoms and rights. The world we live in today is a scary place we should be doing the basics to protect ourselves. Tracking American citizens to a sickening level, but not caring enough to protect us is a horrible betrayal of our trust and what our forefathers would have wanted. It’s not hateful or racist its common sense to protect our borders and defend our people. Our country has acted in the best interests of Americans before and it needs to again, maybe with a different name we might be past time where we can call it Operation Wetback, but that doesn’t mean we’re past the time of the action.

Career Politicians

The current political system is nothing but a shadow of what was envisioned. The Idea of foreign money swaying the opinion of our leaders is TREASON. You are no longer acting in the best interest of the country but for yourself and your pocket-book. This is now a common practice and how these career politicians are taking advantage of the trust and responsibility we the people have entrusted into them. It’s sickening. I understand how the ball started rolling in this direction, it was inevitable, however, men of conscious never stood up to stop the problem. Now the money is in the pocketbooks the only way to stop it is with stiff punishments for those who dare betray their country. We need examples set. You can pretty much spit in any direction in Washington on either side of the aisle and hit dirt. “Not meaning to insult dirt”

Now saying that I do believe in the system and the REPUBLIC for which I stand. We have the best political Ideals and have earned them through blood and sweat of good men. We have the right to vote and choose whom we want to lead us, it’s not a birth or ordained right. The politicians Of old did their duty and went home to have a life with the rest of the citizens. They were the best of us those who lead by example and look for solutions to problems not just someone to blame for them. The Idea of fixing a problem now is just writing more laws and hoping something happens. We don’t need more laws we need hard men to enforce the laws that are already on the books. We need to hurt feeling and pop bubbles to bring reality back into focus.

Taxing into confusion

I am in no way a tax professional and have a wonderful lady who does mine every year. However, seeing a problem here is easy. The current tax code is so complex the people writing them literally can’t give a good description of it. I’ve listened to smart people on tax code I really like Rand Paul’s view, but I believe the easiest solution is generally the right one. People, corporations, and government officials who hide their actions through complex and purposely confusion tax codes are a big problem with an easy solution. A flat tax rate of say 16% across the board without loopholes. Big corporations paying a fair amount almost doesn’t happen because they pay very smart lawyers to play the loopholes, this ends that. Also helping the Small and personal businesses who are right now shouldering more than their fair share. As if Barry care wasn’t bad enough for the economy. We are driving money and corporations out of our country and helping our enemies and believe me we have enemies in the international business world. Once we start recognizing that those are the corporations hiring our citizens and supporting a huge burden of our economy, then we can get them back and getting our countries backbone strong again. Being honest until Washington get a real leader in office and turns the money spigot off it won’t matter we just spend too much right now. It’s unsustainable no matter how much they tax, take, and hurt us.

The Racial Divide

One of my Biggest problems with politics today is the P.C. bullshit and talking around subjects instead of just saying what needs to be said and dealing with it. Saying that I’ll be rather blunt in this section and hopefully, an honest point of view is enough.

In America today the racial divide is larger than its been in decades and it lays squarely at the feet of our President (barry) and his advisers like George Soros. Smart and Corrupt men. Power is all these people desire and it’s much easier to divide and conquer than a frontal assault on a united citizenship.

We are in the age of judging by character and not by color. Unfortunately, the character of the Black Movement right now is deplorable. You can’t get mad if a black man robs a store and gets shot he broke the law. What does looting and burning your own community do? If you don’t want to be treated like criminals don’t act like one. Now I am not condoning police violence and think police need much more stringent hiring procedures with Civilian oversight. Cops can’t be responsible to judge their own, it’s just a bad set up that doesn’t work in any setting. After all, we are the ones paying their bills and paychecks.

My best friend in high school was black I’m not racist. ( Sad I have to say that)  I don’t like people who don’t strive to be better, those who live off others, and those who think they are owed anything. regardless of color, ideology, or IQ useless is useless. All People regardless of color, religion, or ideology have them same right on our soil and as long as a person is willing to work hard, plan for the future, and use some delayed gratification tactics you can prosper. I expect to be judged by the same guidelines I judge. look me in the eyes, speak proper and respectful, and help others when you can. If you can’t do that, don’t do others harm. If you do harm, Hopefully, someone like me steps up and gives you some consequences for your actions. If you want to see change teach it into the next generation don’t just bitch and wonder why nothing happens. Don’t let a bad perception become a bad reality, because it will. Growth through knowledge is the way. We all desired the same things in the big picture it’s just the path we choose to get there that differs and that’s what makes this country great.


Terrorism is political if we really wanted it gone it would be easy and it would be swift. The biggest change in our country since the terror epidemic Hasn’t been our recognizing and attacking our enemies, but the laws passed to restrict and spy on the American people. Pretty much a wholesale attack on our constitution. We aren’t the ones killing us. Unless you’re talking about Chicago or Detroit which are the shining examples and what happens when Democrats have control of a city. The simple fact is that WE THE PEOPLE need the government, but we don’t need them babysitting. Fight our enemies Fight those who do us harm and stay out of our way.

The most blatant and obvious abuser in my eyes would be Saudi Arabia, however, that’s homework you can do yourselves, its scary how many politicians and corporations they’ve put in their pockets. Our current leadership bows to the Saudis that says enough and it makes me physical turn red with anger watching the supposed leader of the free world bow to a leader and princess that run a country that won’t allow women basic human right and who simply executes gays or lesbians with public executions. Funny how nobody wants to talk about that or the fact the Saudis are the leading exporter of terrorist and world leader in terrorist funding. Our politicians have turned a blind eyes for profit plain and simple. They deserve punishment as any other citizen would be punished for helping a terrorist state.

Teaching the Youth

The youth can only be the future if they’re smart and well taught enough to not just repeat the past. History isn’t a negotiable topic it is a guide into which if studied we can learn from the brilliant minds before us and avoid the errors and hard lessons. However, egotistical and irrational people think it’s a good idea to rewrite history into a better more convenient view. The past is bloody and inconvenient in many ways, but if you don’t understand that how can you be grateful for what you have today? Schooling is only as good as the people teaching it and frankly we need to fire a lot of people. Mainly the creators of common core every one of them. The math that got us into space and won two world wars was just fine. Complicating the system is STUPID. Standardizing the system was a good idea in a lot of aspects it gave us an idea where we are weak, however bringing down the strong to make the weak look better is unforgivable. Our nations school system doesn’t even rate in the top 20’s worldwide and like most problems its bureaucracy in the way of the greater good. Plain and simple the numbers don’t lie we as Americans are getting dumber and we deserve it for following history instead of learning from it.

No Free Money

I don’t think politicians or any democratic voter under the age of 30 understands the term free. They continue to think that money just gets printed and is limitless. Well here comes the truth bus. You don’t deserve another person’s hard-earned money. If you want nice things, work for them and save your money, don’t eat out every day and plan for the long-term. Delayed gratification is one of the truest signs of adulthood and the only way I know to ever get ahead in life. You think because life’s hard you deserve something, go fuck yourself. I love the states that are now saying if you want our money you have to work for it. Whether that be community service or road crew if you’re an able body person and want to mooch it’s going to cost you some sweat and time. I have no problem helping those who truly need it, but people have taken a good thing and corrupted it so they can live off of it instead of using it to get through a hard time. If we punish the producers for the lazy, the producers will just quit producing. The golden number is 50% when that percentage of the population collects taxes instead of paying then no matter how much they tax, the system starts a downward spiral that can’t be corrected without dramatic and uncomfortable change.

Higher Education

If you choose to go to college Great we need an educated populace. If you choose to go and take useless classes spending someone else’s money guess what you signed the line and knew what you were doing. Suck it up and pay your bills. Look at your parents, not your government it’s their fault. If you had been raised smarter you wouldn’t be in your predicament. Harsh, but true Parents stop being friends and start being PARENTS. How can we expect young adults to make good decisions? They Can’t, not their fault they just haven’t been around long enough to learn from mistakes. Now do I think College is overpriced YES. Do I believe there are lots of opportunity’s outside of the college forum YES. You don’t hear people talking about trade schools, but we need skilled labor. Without them, we lose jobs overseas and they pay better than most jobs college students hope to get even after a few raises. A college degree does say you stuck with it and completed an arduous journey nobody can take that away from you. A journey is supposed to lead somewhere though so if you’re just floating through maybe its time to step back save money and find where your journey is leading.

Control threw misdirection

  One of the leading strategies currently being used by Washington today is making Americans look one way with false issues to pass horrible laws and treaties that in no way help American as a whole or as an individual citizen but corporations. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to give one of the most corrupt and proven untrustworthy enemy of the state Iran nuclear power was a MORON. Just to drive the point home right after Barry quietly signed the treaty they took an American military boat hostage and did so without consequence how can we expect less from them. John Kerry is a Fool and needs put to pasture. Then right after riots over a criminal getting shot the TPP “Trans-Pacific Partnership” was signed. People we handed Americans trade right to the hands of foreign corporations. Anyone see a problem? Whenever a minor issue gets blown up by the media which is owned by Washington, The America our founding fathers saw gets erased by bigger and bigger chunks. If we as Americans don’t stop listening to the politician’s words and start looking at their actions we deserve the outcome and the unfortunate victims will be the next generation. How’s it feel to be the worst most ignorant generation in American history?

Health care

Now I understand the Idea of wanting everyone to have health care for But as the last few years have very clearly shown it isn’t free or sustainable. Beyond that the Government has no right to tell Americans what they have to buy especially against there will. Further more in a Republic system you as an individual and citizen have the right to protect yourself how you best see fit. Now do I see gray area yes. I’m not against the idea of supplementation for minors we need a healthy youth, but after the age of 18 its time to grow up and fend for yourself. Get a job that provides insurance or Pay for a policy which we are forced to do now anyway. Government has never improved efficiency, in fact, its proved time and time again they are almost completely inept at getting things done in a logical and effective way. Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to give them any say in health care or think they can improve what we had already drank the Kool-Aid and is beyond saving.

Enjoying the Legacy

I have tried to keep my writing here short and to the point without too much complaining. America is amazing and was created by some of the smartest most driven men to ever walk the earth. Leaving us a platform which to take into the future. It’s our responsibility to take their vision and words left behind and keep them strong. The Disbarred and dishonored ex-lawyer president we have now has done nothing but to use pretty words to do ugly and unlawful things. Barry loves saying he’s a constitutional lawyer, but I’d think if I were disbarred I shut my mouth and listen to people smarter than myself because clearly you didn’t understand the law or you’d still be a lawyer.

Future Issues

Planned Parenthood and Abortions

Our military and Vets


Illegal immigrants getting our tax money and rights they don’t deserve or respect

Tax-Free Church

Militarizing the Police

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